18 strategies for managing stress

stress managementStress is a natural reaction to external threat. Our body gets the message about the importance of the right time reaction to an external threat. But in today’s society, many situations that cause stress have no need for such a reaction. Nevertheless, such situations cause physical changes in the body, and, as a result, we become stressed, which robs us of energy and efficiency.

Physicians recommend to relieve stress in order to avoid physical diseases: from high blood pressure to obesity. Use these 18 tips to get rid of stress and preserve health and peace of mind.

1. A cup of tea

It is the easiest way to get rid of stress. Today there are countless varieties of tea, so everyone can find a tea he would like. Still, remember that the best tea to relieve stress and tension is the green one.

2. Engage in hobbies

Hobbies and similar things relax and help get rid of stress in minutes. When you are doing something you love, all the fuss and tension instantly disappear at least for a couple of minutes.

Opportunities for hobbies are limitless. Think a little bit and you will find a perfect hobby for yourself. Find like-minded people that have the same hobby, in order to share your ideas and ask for advice.

3. The concentration

We all know that a stressed person cannot concentrate on anything else. Then, let’s get rid of stress and tension with the help of concentration. Sit on a chair, put your hands on your knees and relax. Now count to ten, focus your attention on the count. Do it only for a couple of minutes. After that, get up from the chair and stretch. It is quite a powerful way to get rid of stress.

4. Sports

Many physicians and psychologists recommend to do sports in the case of stress. It can even help to get over a divorce, which a very (if not the most) powerful stress. Sport helps to throw out all the negative emotions. In addition, you will get a slim and toned shape.

5. Help someone

Turning your attention to someone less fortunate helps get rid of stress. And it really works. Use this advice, and you will see.

6. Breath control

One of the best methods to get rid of stress is changing the breath rhythm. The basis of this exercise is very simple: the exhalation should be twice longer than the inhalation. Breathing should be slow and steady.

7. Get a dog or a cat

Domestic pet keeps you calm and cheers you up.

8. Do not try to relieve stress with food

The majority of women (as well as men) in distress start eating huge quantities of food. Now think of what will happen to your body after a while. You can relieve stress with delicious food, but not like that. The most important thing is not the amount of food consumed, but its quality. Go to a restaurant, dine by candlelight with a glass of champagne or wine and good mood is guaranteed.

9. The most pleasant way to get rid of stress

Oh yes, probably the best and indisputably the most pleasant way to get rid of the stress and frustration is sex. Sex is always a storm of positive emotions. Therefore, I strongly recommend this way of dealing with stress to all men and women.

10. Have a rest

Working without having a rest is the surest way to stress. Rest is necessary, albeit small. Moreover, it is necessary to relax when you have not got tired yet. Take a little break from work every hour: 5-10 minutes will be enough to get rid of tension and increase your efficiency. It is important to learn to listen to your body, and it will tell you when it is time to have a rest.

11. Problems, written on paper

It is a big help in dealing with stress. Start a diary and write down everything you are worried about and tell your diary what you think about all this. But the most important is to tell it about the desired result. Now it is time to think about how to achieve this result.

12. Sort out your problems

Problems can be divided into two types: resolvable and unresolvable. Learn to distinguish these two types of problems, since the frustration of not being able to change something will only increase stress.

13. Put order in your life

Unpaid bills, lost documents, lost car keys – all this only increases stress. Learn how to manage your life and organize it, and get rid of these sources of stress. Spend a few days on a spring cleaning, remove and discard all unnecessary things. Change something you always wanted to change. Determine for yourself small easily achievable goals in this area. For example, if you often lose car keys, promise yourself to always hang them near the door and obey this rule. The results of starting with the small will surprise you.

14. Do relaxation exercises

Relaxation exercises can help relax your body and mind. One of these powerful relaxation exercises is called “palming”. Rub your palms to make them warm, close your eyes and cover them with just warmed hands. You will be surprised with the result. The advantage of this exercise is that it can be performed in any place and at any time. Other exercises include relaxation of individual muscle groups, such as deep breathing and visualization.

15. Take a walk

Walking activates a deep breath and makes you forget about the problems of stress. Consciousness becomes clear, and stressful moments stop seeming so horrible.

16. Evaluate your problems objectively

Give an objective assessment of your problems. Ask yourself: “Will it be important to me in a year?” or “Will this situation reflect on my future?”. Write down in your diary everything you care about during a week. Then put the diary aside for at least one month. A month later, open it and see if the written is still playing an important role for you. The most probable will be that most of the problems do not worry or hurt you anymore.

17. Play

Play a game. Go to a park or a shooting gallery. Find a hobby. Game will help you relax and forget about your problems. But be careful with the computer games, since some of them can affect mood and cause negative emotions.

18. Hug your loved ones

Hugs make people happier and healthier. A simple hug can help you feel better and overcome any problems by cheering you up and provoking positive emotions in you.

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18 strategies for managing stress