5 unbelievable facts you didn’t know about the Universe

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5 amazing facts you may not believe about space and celestial bodies!

1. The light that reaches the Earth from the Sun is 30,000 years old.

Although we know that the light rays take approximately 8 minutes to reach the Earth from the surface of the Sun, while the energy produced in the core of the Sun needs 30,000 years to reach its surface, passing through

all the thick layers of particles which the star consists of.

2. If two metals come into contact in space, they will stuck together forever!

Unbelievable … but true. If two pieces of metal that are not coated with another material (for example, plastic) and contact each other outside the Earth, they stuck forever. Unlike on our planet it does not happen because of the atmosphere that creates a layer of oxidized particles between the two metals, which prevents them from sticking together.

3. Saturn would float if placed in the water.

While it may sound strange, the density of the planet Saturn is so small that if we put it in a huge glass of water, it would not sink. The density of Saturn is about 0,687 g/cm3 and that of water is 0,998 g/cm3. Nevertheless, we would need a really huge glass of water to conduct this experiment!

4. The Moon is slowly moving away from the Earth.

Scientists have found that every year the moon recedes from Earth by 3.8 cm. This happens due to the effect of the tides. As a result of this, the Earth is rotating more and more slowly, at a rate which, however, can not be perceived by us, since the duration of an entire day (ie rotation of the planet around itself) reduces each century only by 0.002 seconds.

5. We are continuously moving through space at 530 km per second.

The Milky Way galaxy, where our solar system is located, spins at the speed of 225 km/s. Moreover, the galaxy is moving through space at the speed of 305 km/s (however, some scientists do not consider this calculation accurate). So considering the above data, we could say that every passing moment we are about 19,000 km away from where we were a moment ago in space!

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5 unbelievable facts you didn’t know about the Universe