8 Simple Brain Warm-Up Exercises

///8 Simple Brain Warm-Up Exercises

brain exercisesThe fact that sometimes the brain gets tired is undeniable. Sometimes it cannot even “wake up” and “switch on” the mode of idea generation or information processing. In such cases you can use a set of very simple and effective exercises to warm up your brain. It is better to perform the first five exercises having your eyes closed.

    1. Set yourself to work: make ten calm inhalations and exhalations.
    2. Count out loud from 1 to 100, and in reverse order.
    3. Imagine a circle of pink or green color, then turn it into a ball, and after it – into a tetrahedron, cube, and trapeze.
    4. Come up with one word for each of the letters of the alphabet in order. The word must be rarely used. For example, from asphyxia to zoochemistry.

  1. Imagine yourself in detail where and how you are sitting now, what you are wearing, what facial expression you have.
  2. Now remember any recollection in detail – a view of your country house, the clothes you were wearing at your sister’s wedding, your workplace, etc.
  3. Take a short text (2-3 paragraphs) and read it back to front.
  4. Rewrite the same text with your left hand (or with your right hand if you are left-handed). If you know any foreign language (even at a basic level) you can also translate the same text into another language, using a dictionary.

Following some of these simple exercises, you will give your brain a good workout and make it easier to start the activities that require your attention.

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8 Simple Brain Warm-Up Exercises