Alien contact scenarios by NASA resemble the “X-Files”

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alien contactAlien beings that possibly monitor the Earth might see atmospheric changes on our planet as a consequence of the human destructive activities and take drastic measures to prevent even worse disasters, claims a disputable report Would Contact with Extraterrestrials Benefit or Harm Humanity? A Scenario Analysis that was developed last year by scientists from NASA and University of Penn State.

Shawn Domagal, the head of NASA’s Planetary Research Department, and his team developed “scenarios” that could help mankind “to prepare for actual contact” – contact with aliens.

The report of the scientists includes three scenarios for a future contact with extraterrestrial beings: beneficial, neutral and harmful.

According to the beneficial scenario, aliens could develop cooperative organizations and offer us their intelligence and knowledge that would help solve earth-scale problems such as hunger, poverty and disease. Also the aliens could contribute to human technology and its further development in all areas.

In the neutral scenario, people would not be very interested in contact with aliens because due to our diversities the process of communication would be difficult and perhaps would arise a number of issues concerning such “inter-galactic” contacts.

Finally, the third scenario refers to the harmful approach of aliens. They could attack and enslave humans looking for colonizing the planet or damage us physically by transmitting diseases. In the worst prospect aliens could apply high technology and eventually wipe out the humanity.

Also the researchers caution that aliens might worry about the civilizations that evolve rapidly, which in their opinion might pose a threat to them and other civilizations in the galaxy. Because people often launch spacecrafts into space, aliens might consider it a threat and try to destroy humanity to protect themselves.

Even if we never communicate with aliens, this report includes the possible scenarios that can help the future generations of human civilization avoid disasters and result in long-term survival.

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Alien contact scenarios by NASA resemble the “X-Files”