afterlifeA group of British students from a local technical university developed a computer program that allows human consciousness to visit the hereafter.

In an interview, one of the creators of such unusual software shared fundamental mechanisms of its work. It turned out that for a few months the students have been conducting research in a British hospice. People condemned to death were implanted with a special detector sensitive to the brain activity impulses, which, in their turn, were transmitted to a computer, and a specially developed program analyzed the received information.

In the most tragic moment when a person died, the computer received the main signal. On the basis of a number of such signals, the program created an entire virtual image of how the brain behaves in the first minutes after the biological death of the human body.

In most cases, the brain activity behaved like if it was following the same scenario. The program gave out roughly the same operating parameters of the cerebral cortex in both men and women.

With the help of a special impulse encoder, signals were transmitted not only in the computer memory for analysis, but also in a special system of electromagnetic clusters. Such clusters could remain stable for a sufficiently long period of time.

Moreover, the young people decided to experience on their own what a person feels in the first moments after death. This experiment was so dangerous that it could be conducted only by truly courageous people. Because, after receiving cluster signals, the living brain could easily stop working, “thinking” that nature gives it the signal to do so. In order to avoid the fatal outcome, the students used a program to block clusters obtained from deceased people.

A daredevil, decided to try out the system, was found. For 48 seconds his brain was being subjected to pulse attack, and then moved into a phase of cell death. The experiment had to stop to save the student’s life. When he “came back” from the afterlife, he said that all the time he could see unfamiliar images, bright flashes and an odd glow and hear strange voices come and fade away again. At the last stage he saw a bright light that led him back to the ordinary world.

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