Mind-Blowing Experiment That Shows How the Mind Affects the Body

This article describes a small, simple experiment that anyone can do to see with his own eyes how the mind affects the body.

Your Subconscious Mind Can Do Anything: How to Use Its Power

Your subconscious mind is active day and night and controls your body and the whole life. How to make its immense power work for you?

10 Mind-Blowing Theories That Will Change Your Perception of the World

Reality is not as obvious and simple, as we like to think. Here are 10 scientific and philosophical theories that can change our common perceptions of it.

Unusual Personality Test That Will Reveal Much about Your Perception of Life

One of the basic rules of this test is to write what you feel and what first comes to mind. The results will surprise you!

Sixth Sense Exists and Helps Us Understand What Other People Think

Scientists from Sydney have found proof that two people's brains can 'synchronize' and 'transfer' thoughts to each other.

The Reality of Parallel Worlds and Time Travel Is Proved

Neutrino, the smallest particle known to science, exists simultaneously in two worlds: in ours, the material one, and in a parallel one.

Quantum Theory Proves That Consciousness Moves to Another Universe After Death

Scientist Robert Lanza claims that life does not end when the body dies, but just transfers to a parallel universe.

5 Thought-Provoking Quantum Experiments Showing That Reality Is an Illusion

These 5 mind-blowing experiments with outcomes inevitably influenced by the observer demonstrate the intervention of conscious thought in material reality.

Tips for Students

Useful tips for those who study: student life, reading strategies and tips on how to pass an exam

Learn while you Earn with the Popular Online Degree Programs

learn earnEarning and learning is the new success mantra, which goes hand-in-hand for the ambitious, young, and energetic students. The following article emphasizes on the growing concept of earn and learn and suggests some lucrative online degree courses, which let you learn while continuing with your job. 

The new generation is increasingly turning interest to the emerging concept of earn and learn. The reason can vary from being independent, pay own tuition fees, develop job skills, or gain work experience. The increasing desire to learn while you earn has resulted in an upsurge for the demand for online degree courses, which provide the young students with an opportunity to continue their learning along with earning options. (more…)

What Is the Best Music to Help You Study?

listening to music when studyingBeethoven once said, “Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy.” As it turns out, music enhances learning, too. According to a College Entrance Exam Board Service study, students involved in musical extracurricular activities scored 51 points higher on the verbal portion of the SAT exams and 39 points higher on math on the SAT exams. [1] Through this and other research findings, educators believe that music relaxes, soothes, and helps people concentrate better, making it the perfect study companion to diminish distractions and keep students learning.

In Don Campbell’s book The Mozart Effect, Campbell has condensed research on the topic to enlighten readers about how music affects their brain. (more…)

4 Tips on Getting a College Scholarship

college scholarshipMany students consider college as the only way to achieve their dreams. While for other students, their only way out of poverty is through a college diploma. But for many, college is just too expensive. Sadly, not every high school graduate can afford the high tuition of a college education. Those who risk applying for loans become too indebted in the system that even after getting their degrees, they still worry about the cost of their college education.

Many try to juggle a part-time job with their studies, and while some manage to do it, others fail in balancing them well. This is why there are many drop-outs, and some students even choose to not go to college at all. It’s a shame since so many bright students deserve to go to college yet their financial situation doesn’t allow them.

However, there’s always a way for students to still pursue their dream, because there’s another way to have a degree. Scholarships are available for those who try hard enough. The problem, however, is that (more…)

Student Loan: Past, Present and Future (Infographic)

The more you learn, the more of a well-rounded person you will be. Looking at life as a continual quest for knowledge, and finding cool new facts in whatever situation you happen to find yourself, makes life a lot more interesting. Those who love learning will usually have a desire to attend a college or a university and this is definitely a good thing! However, they may quickly find out that going to college is very expensive. Tuition really starts adding up. Although it hasn’t always been this way, in recent years, tuition prices are only getting higher, not lower.

To offset the costs of tuition, find out ways to start saving early on. If you know how expensive things can be ahead of time, then it will be easier for you to save and plan. Many students let the fear of debt and loans get to them and they think that college will never be an option for them. This is not the case! If you have a passion for learning, then work hard to pursue this. (more…)

What Impact a Good College and Faculty Have on Your Studies

online educationStudents start questioning themselves regarding the importance of the college from their high school life, which way to go and what subject to choose, becomes their primary concern and top priority. The role of the college and faculty in a student’s life is inevitable as college is the place which opens doors of new opportunities and prepares you to enter the competitive world of today. Obviously when you are in college, you compete with your fellow students and develop the capabilities to succeed in upcoming ventures and endeavors.

The role of teachers and faculty is perceived by students like a helping hand. Whenever students need help with their projects, assignments and other things like everyday class matters and problems, the faculty is there to help them out. The future success of a student is impartially dependent on teachers and faculty as they are the makers and architects of their minds. (more…)

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