«Comet of the Century» Didn’t Survive Its Meeting with Sun

///«Comet of the Century» Didn’t Survive Its Meeting with Sun

comet ison debrisInitial observations indicate that the ISON dissolved as passed at a short distance from the Sun.

According to the latest observations, the “comet of the century” does not seem to have survived the most critical night of its life.

The first data from space telescopes show that the comet ISON probably dissolved on Thursday night as it passed at a short distance from the Sun.

The comet did not reappear on the other side of the Sun

The giant mass of ice and rocks was recorded passing behind the Sun, but it failed to reappear on the other side of the star.

Astronomers warned from the beginning that the comet could be damaged by the extreme temperature, which reached 4,900 degrees Celsius, and the tidal forces from the gravitational field of the Sun.

The hope was that the ISON would come out unscathed from this “hot meeting”, so that its tail would take gigantic proportions and would be clearly visible to the naked eye. In this case, every morning until mid-December, just before dawn, the comet would appear low in the eastern sky.

The unpleasant news was announced during the discussion of NASA experts on Google Hangout.

Probably the comet did not survive

“The ISON probably did not survived,” said Carl Battams of the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory.

The Comet ISON seems to have dissolved” announced shortly afterwards the website of NASA.

It is most likely that the cosmic snowball broke into pieces that completely melted.

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«Comet of the Century» Didn’t Survive Its Meeting with Sun