Device that makes time disappear

///Device that makes time disappear

disappearing time cloakA device that can hide even whole events from a person, essentially making the time disappear, is announced to be created by the U.S. scientists.

This is without doubt a very promising technology and in the future it might do wonders which will resemble science fiction.

This announcement was made by Martin McCall, professor of theoretical physics at the Imperial College London, and then published in the leading scientific magazine Nature, which claims that it is the first evidence that something like this is possible, even if during the experiment it happened within a tiny space of time.

According to the British Daily Mail, a research team, led by professors Moti Fridman and Alexander Gaeta from the Cornell University, by speeding up and slowing down different components of a beam of light has managed to “hide” events lasting for 40 trillionths of a second. Then these components of light were combined together and as a result the observers could not see what was happening during the “hidden” time.

Whatever happened during these “hidden” milliseconds did not exist for the observers. In fact, people see something around them because the light gets to their eyes. If the light does not result in their eyes, then the event does not exist for them. It seems like a deleted scene from a movie.

The researchers state that in the future the new invention might be combined with another technology of the kind that could “hide” objects, which means that together they could make events “disappear” in both time and space.

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Device that makes time disappear