ghostDespite the efforts of ghost-hunters around the world and their continuing investigations into abandoned houses, factories, old buildings, cemeteries, etc., which are most often accompanied by proper equipment, we still are not able to say with certainty if there are ghosts.

However, according to many ghost hunters, there are allegations of the existence of ghosts in modern physics and particularly in Einstein, who offered a scientific basis on the topic.

In particular, ghost researcher John Kachuba in his book Ghosthunters (2007) states that “according to Einstein, all the energy in the universe is constant, which means that it can neither be created nor destroyed… Then what happens to our energy when we die? Since it cannot be destroyed, then it is transformed into another kind of energy. What can this form of energy be? Maybe we can say that this development results in the

creation of ghosts?”

The Tri County Paranormal team states that “Einstein proved that energy is not created or destroyed but is only converted from one form to another. Humans and all the living organisms have electrical energy in their body. So, what happens to this electricity when we die?”

In reality, the answer may be very simple. When a person dies, his body’s energy moves where the energy of all organisms moves – to the environment. When a person dies, his energy is released and transferred to the animals and plants.

When we consume dead plants and animals, at the same time we consume their energy and use it for our own purposes. Thus, when food is metabolized, chemical reactions occur and provide an animal with energy when it needs to live, to run, to play, etc. This energy does not exist in the “electromagnetic-spiritual” form, but only in the form of heat and chemical energy.

Most of ghost hunters claim to be able to detect electromagnetic fields created by ghosts. Since the metabolic processes of living organisms generate low levels of electrical currents, they cease to exist when the organisms die. As soon as the source of the energy ceases to exist, electrical processes stop as well, just like a bulb ceases to emit light when the power supply is interrupted.

Despite many ghost hunters rely on the theories of Einstein and the fact that ghosts may indeed exist, finally neither Einstein nor the laws of physics suggest that ghosts are real…

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