Exercise to improve visual attention

///Exercise to improve visual attention

Flow of information, expansion of human contacts, development of various forms of popular culture, the growing pace of life – these all lead to an increasing demand in knowledge needed for modern life. One of the essential conditions for successful learning is a development of attention.
Attention is one of the phenomena of orienting-investigatory activity.It is a mental act aimed at the content of an image,an idea or another phenomenon. Attention plays an important role in the regulation of intellectual activity.
Attention is not a separate cognitive process, as far as it doesn’t reflects anything by itself and does not exist as a separate psychic phenomenon. However, attention is a critical component of human cognitive activity, since it organizes and regulates functioning of cognitive processes, on the basis of which it arises. Because of the fact that cognitive activity is carried out consciously, the mind performs one of the functions of consciousness.
Despite the fact that attention doesn’t have any separate and specific product of its activity, its result is the improvement of any activity, which involves it. If the attention capacity is highly developed, all the mental processes go faster and more correctly, and the movements are performed more accurately.
To improve your attention find 17 wolves in this picture:

17 wolves

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    i have found only 14!

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Exercise to improve visual attention