Hidden portals in the magnetosphere of the Earth

portals between planetsJack Scudder, expert in plasma physics of the University of Iowa, states that in the magnetosphere of our planet there are so-called “X points”, a kind of hidden portals where the magnetic fields of Earth and the Sun meet, leading to the creation of a continuous path between them in length to 93 million miles. Physicists say that the “X points” are elusive, have a small size and an unstable shape and may form and disappear completely at random.

According to Jack Scudder, formations in the magnetic field provide an opportunity for the solar particles to reach the upper surface of the Earth’s atmosphere. And these particles can cause geomagnetic storms and aurora.

A few years ago, the reality of these “X points” has not been proven. As noted by Dr. David Siebeck of Goddard Space Flight Center, ten years ago, he believed that the “X points” do not exist, but now there is an irrefutable proof. Until now, the main problem was to find these portals since there was no information about what they look like. But now, Scudder is sure of having worked out a way to quickly detect hidden portals. The basis of his work was the research conducted ten years ago by the spacecraft Polar.

At the end of 1990’s Polar has long been within the magnetic field of our planet. During this time it faced a large number of “X points”. The data from the ship helped found five relatively simple combinations of magnetic field and charged particles around it, which signal the location of these points. This completely new approach reduces the time needed for future research. It is worth noting that in 2008 the Polar mission was suspended, but it is still in orbit.

In 2014 a multi-scale magnetospheric mission of NASA is planned to be launched, the main goal oh which will be to study the hidden portals.

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    Fascinating. This is something I’ve been researching myself. Need any volunteers for experimentation??

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Hidden portals in the magnetosphere of the Earth