auraAccording to the information portal Tendencias Científicas, researchers of the University of Granada first proposed scientific explanation for the phenomenon of aura.

The Spanish researchers say that healers who claim they can see aura have a neuropsychological feature – the so-called synesthesia. This phenomenon is a fusion of sensations of the five senses. It happens due to an active connection between the parts of the brain responsible for processing stimuli. Thus, these people can feel or see the sound as well as associate people with a certain color.

In an article published in the scientific journal Consciousness and Cognition, professors of the Department of Experimental Psychology of the University of Granada, Oscar Iborra and Luis Pastor proposed the first scientific explanation for the multi-colored energy field that surrounds living beings and is invisible for ordinary people.

The scientists note that although most healers do not have synesthesia, there is a big number of people with this syndrome among them. Many people believe that they have paranormal abilities, but it all comes down to a scientific explanation of the particularities of their brain.

For their study, the researchers interviewed some people with synesthesia. So, they give an example of Esteban Sanchez Casas, healer from Granada. The specified character is an example of “face-color” synesthesia, which means that his brain area responsible for the recognition of individuals is associated with the color zone, so he relates each person with a certain color. He also has “mirror touch” synaesthesia, so when the healer sees someone who feels pain, he feels the same pain. In particular, he has a high level of empathy, namely the ability to feel what another person feels. Thanks to these features, he developed special abilities of emotional reading that inspire confidence in people.

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