How Much Does Studying in the U.S. Cost?

///How Much Does Studying in the U.S. Cost?

studying in the usCost of studying in US

Nowadays, there are lots of articles where you may read rather frightening information about the cost of studying in the USA. But that is how it looks from the first sight. Do not be afraid of having a look at it more deeply. The average cost is around US$ 29000 per year but everything depends on the university itself and the qualification you want to get. Moreover, you should keep in mind that the accommodation will be around $ 7000, food – $ 5500, books and other resources – $ 850 and, of course, there will be other expenses. Total sum is approximately $ 60000.

That means that if you work and get the average US salary which is around $ 50000 you will need more money. Multiply the total cost by four for the course that lasts four years and be realistic. Although, there are different options that will help you in such a difficult situation.

Private or Public?

Of course, it depends on what kind of university you are looking at. There are two types of universities. You have to choose between the private ones and the public ones. If you want to look at the private ones (for example, Stanford University, Yale or Harvard) they will offer a classic education. As a student such universities might attract you more. However, private universities are usually more expensive.

Studying in US

If you look at it from the technical point of view you would probably search for the best research facilities in terms of funding, guides and advisers you will get. One more thing that we want to mention is flexibility. We mean a student is not bound to a particular courses and you should be aware of this factor. Of course, you should take a number of pre-decided courses but you will be always free to decide how you take them. A student is free to choose different courses from different departments. A student does not have any restrictions. In such case a person can become a well-groomed individual.

Studying at the best universities in the USA will definitely give you the opportunity to find a better job and stand out from the crowd of a big number of applicants.

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How Much Does Studying in the U.S. Cost?