How to detect lies by reading body language

body language lyingKnowing body language helps you protect yourself from unscrupulous people and avoid unpleasant consequences of being lied to. Here are 12 tips on how to detect lies by body language:

1. Hands and face should be the main object of your observation. If the person is constantly touching and pulling the ear lobe, then you should doubt his honesty.

2. Pay attention to any regular touching of the face (nose, brows, and especially lips). A liar often covers his mouth with his hands or touches it with his fingers.

3. Combing or twisting the hair, as well as any other similar manipulation, speaks of the tension, fear of being revealed and doubt.

4. Pay attention to the biting of lips and nails – your interlocutor is going to lie to you again.

5. Liars tend to continuously smooth their clothes. It can be a shirt collar, cuffs or shoelaces. To do this, they can go to the mirror several times during the evening and look closely to their reflection.

6. If the person is constantly touching the surrounding objects, he is likely to lie to you. Often the person can twist something in hands, such as a box, and look into it, open and close it a countless number of times.

7. Unnatural smile on the face, as well as any uncharacteristic emotion, can betray dishonesty. Often such a manifestation of emotion is more like a grimace, and immediately catches the eye.

8. Crossing arms and legs is a common closed position, which means not only a reluctance to open up, but also a possible lying.

9. A liar usually looks aside or closes his eyes, trying to avoid looking into the eyes of his interlocutor. If he tries to disguise his lies and seem sincere, he suddenly begins staring into your eyes, without looking away for a second. This is a sort of demonstrative gesture saying: “Look into my eyes, I’m honest!

10. Gestures of a liar often do not agree with each other, for example, responding negatively, he nods in a positive way.

11. If the first reaction of the person to your words does not match the answer, be sure that he is deceiving you, and the first emotion reflects his real attitude.

12. Bending and twisting the arms and the wrists, nervous finger or foot tapping, knees shaking are a direct evidence for a lie.

The person is worrying of being unable to hide his dishonesty. Be careful with him and take the position of the observer, then you can see a lot of interesting external manifestations betraying his dishonesty.

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  1. Artnip August 21, 2012 at 9:13 pm - Reply

    Some of these are also known to demonstrate sexual interest as flurting.

  2. Beth Norris February 6, 2014 at 1:44 pm - Reply

    Another video with a very good way to detect lies – the eyes:

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How to detect lies by reading body language