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how to slow down time

Is there any such thing as being able to slow down time?

It seems pretty science-fiction, an idea of time travelling, but it’s actually pretty possible to trick the brain into believing we can achieve it.

Not having enough time in the day to get your tasks done is a common complaint that most of us will have on a regular occurrence and the more things that we try to juggle in our everyday lives, the more likely the complaint will appear.

As you get older, time will seem to pass quicker. There are plenty of useful books and illustrations out there that take an interesting look at how we perceive time, but the best way to summarise it is to look at it in this way:

100% of a one-year-old baby’s life would equal to one year. Compare this to an 18-year old, where one year would equate to just 5.56% of their life. As we get older, this percentage would whittle down even more so.

So, knowing that we can’t actually manage to get around the aging process, what can we actually do to help us feel like time is slowing down? Well, a recent infographic from Key Retirement has taken to finding out 5 ways in which we can slow down time (or, at least, our perception of it) and these include investing in sessions of mindfulness and meditation, breaking out of our typical and expected daily routines as well as setting ourselves realistic goals to achieve each day.

Doing these tasks will not only help us in feeling much more organised and learning new skills, but they will also help in feeling our time stretch out further as we will be paying more attention and focusing more on the tasks at hand and what’s around us.

If you always feel like you never have enough time in the day then take a look at the infographic below. If you take the advice, you’ll be surprised at how much extra time you feel you’ve got.

How to Slow Down Time infographic

Infographic credit: Key Retirement

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5 Ways on How to Slow Down Time [Infographic]