Interpretation of 4 Most Common Dreams

falling down dreamDreams and their interpretation are something that has preoccupied people since the beginning of history.

Many analysts claim that every dream is significant and aims to warn us or to inform us about an event that will happen in the near (or far) future. There are also some people who claim that they saw in their sleep events that happened in detail after a few days. On the other hand, many people argue that the theory of dream interpretation has no scientific basis and therefore no one should pay attention to such phenomena.

Anyway, we do not have the necessary knowledge to join the one or the other side. For this reason, here is the interpretation of the 4 most common dreams that people see, and you decide whether to take it into account or not.

The interpretation of dreams has to do with the warning on the consequences of a choice as well as with the hidden fears and psychological problems. So, the most common dreams and their meanings are:

Being chased

Surely at least once in your life you have seen yourself being chased in your sleep. Many times you run as fast as you can to escape but for some magical reason you remain in the same place, while those who chase you are coming closer and closer to you.

This dream can mean that you are afraid of being hurt or believe that there are people who want to hurt you. Also the one who chases you can represent a part of yourself you are afraid of or do not accept.

Free fall

Falling from high altitude is another ordinary dream. In such dream, a person sees himself falling into the void from a great height. Most often it is followed by an abrupt awakening just before colliding into the ground.

The interpretation of this dream is also built on hidden fears of your soul. There is an assumption that the fear that exists in your soul is analogous to the initial height you fall from. When you overcome your fears then you will stop having such dreams.


Seeing yourself drowning is also one of the most common dreams that people see. Having this dream can mean that you have (or probably will have soon) some important obligation to undertake. Or maybe you have too many obligations, problems and things to do that they make you feel out of control.


It is another ordinary dream more frequent in women. So many times they see holding in their arms a baby or protecting it from some danger etc.

Usually the baby symbolizes something new that is to come in your life, for example, a new job, project, relationship or opportunity. The point is that this new start is important and requires your attention.

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  1. what does my dream mean April 24, 2013 at 8:34 am - Reply

    Very nice and easily understandable blog, and the information regarding dreams and there interpretation is interesting. I have read somewhere that the meaning of falling from height means some insecurity and you have told that it means hidden fears, are the meanings of both are same here.

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Interpretation of 4 Most Common Dreams