human like aliensIf the theory of astrophysicist Ralph Pudritz is correct then it is more probable that we will be visited by friendly… Klingons of Star Trek than by the terrible monster of Aliens.

Researchers at Harvard University and the University of Hamilton in Ontario, Canada claim that if there is life in the known galaxies then the look of the aliens will not differ much from our own because DNA is a “universal constant” and cannot create forms of monsters that look like lizards and have twelve feet.

The given course of different climatic conditions on the planets in our universe makes scientists assume that the look of the aliens would have small differences compared with the one of humans, allowing them to withstand the extremely low temperatures or lack of gravity.

Thermodynamics is fundamental. However, there is a theory that states that even on planets with very low temperatures the living beings are able to survive, settling in underground tunnels or mitigating the problem with the help of technology,” says Ralph Pudritz who believes that it is extremely self-centered to think that we are alone out there…

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