LiFi Technology: Use Your Light Bulb to Access the Internet!

///LiFi Technology: Use Your Light Bulb to Access the Internet!

lifiLiFi (visible light communication) is the transformation of the light bulb into a wireless communication route that may displace WIFI.

Li-Fi inventor, the German physicist Herald Haas believes that the visible light spectrum can be used to transmit data, as its spectral width is much larger than that of the conventional radio frequencies, and it therefore has the potential to transmit higher bandwidths.

WiFi technology has become very popular, but there are complaints that the wireless signal is unstable, access is slow, and WiFi hotspots are too few while users are ever increasing. Now, there is a new technology that can address these issues.

The light bulb has long been regarded as a coveted symbol of inspiration for inventors. However, for Herald Haas, the light bulb itself brought him inspiration. Together with his team at the University of Edinburgh, Haas invented a patented technology, using a flashlight for wireless transmission of digital information, a technique commonly referred to as visible light communication (VLC).

Haas said: “My greatest vision is that light bulbs will become broadband communications equipment, so that the light bulb is not only able to provide lighting and will also become a necessary tool.”

Haas claims that by providing ordinary LED bulbs with an installed microchip, they will be able to flicker at a frequency of millions of times per second, allowing their use to send data. In this way, LED bulbs can rapidly transfer binary coded information. However, to the naked eye, the flickering is not visible and can only be detected by the light-sensitive receiver. Haas said: “This is similar to sending Morse code through a torch, but faster, and uses an alphabet that can be understood by a computer.”

Thus, this technology can provide you with a wireless Internet connection, as long as you have a light bulb. The number of the world’s light bulbs is estimated at about 14 billion. In fact, this means that every street can become an Internet access point.

Yet the nicknamed “Li-Fi” technology not only can enhance the coverage of the Internet. The main wireless data transmission technology, WiFi relies on radio frequencies, which only make up a small part of the entire electromagnetic spectrum. With increasing user demand for wireless internet, the available radio spectrum is less and less.

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    Lifi Technology is gonna be a best revolution of this decade 🙂

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LiFi Technology: Use Your Light Bulb to Access the Internet!