Lucid dreaming: possible to develop skills while sleeping

sleeping girlIf you consider sleep a waste of time, get ready to change your mind…

According to a recent survey of the Yale University, people who are capable of lucid dreaming, which is a type of sleep when a person has a full awareness that he is dreaming and can control his dreams, are able to develop new skills with the help of their dreams!

The research resembled the movie “Inception“, in which a group of people during their sleep were able to release the subconscious and “plant” an idea in the mind of another person by entering in his dream.

The research team experimented with the idea of ​​training lucid dreamers, guiding them to the things to dream. In fact, lucid dreamers can control certain regions of the brain that allow them to learn while sleeping.

As is stated by the research, it is a fact that the more a person is practicing an activity during his sleep, the better he becomes in it in real life. Moreover, if he can control his dreams, i.e. the frequency of his night “workouts”, the efficiency of his training grows up significantly.

In addition, the results showed that lucid dreamers are tempted to gamble, an activity which includes areas of the brain associated with decision making based on emotion and social interaction.

The researchers believe that one day dreams may become a commonly accepted tool of learning and self-improvement.

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  1. Shubham October 9, 2013 at 12:57 pm - Reply

    OMG truly awesome if its true now please provide how to Lucid Dream…..
    I want to fight my Phobia of bike riding and train to fight myself for my addiction 🙂

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Lucid dreaming: possible to develop skills while sleeping