brain musicMusic can affect the human brain, and that’s why it’s one of the tools used in treatment of various psychiatric disorders.

Scientists of the Georgetown University Medical Center believe they have found a mechanism which with the help of sounds of music affects processes occurring in the brain.

During the testing on primates, scientists used a variety of songs and analyzed changes in different brain areas. Analysis of the data showed that the harmonious melodies influenced the neurons responsible for condition of the nervous system of animals. The same reaction was provoked by audio records with cries of primates conveying different moods – fear, calmness, alert and aggression.

“Understanding of the effects of music on the brain of primates is the first step to understanding the possibilities of music therapy” says the head of the research team Dr. Yuki Kikuchi. “Research has allowed us to identify groups of neurons, mostly susceptible to harmonious melodies, which means that different kinds of music can stimulate the nervous system, causing memories or have a soothing effect.

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