Our universe is flat as a board, say astrophysicists

///Our universe is flat as a board, say astrophysicists

flat universeOur universe is flat. Such a conclusion is made by international team of researchers led by Alain Benoit, who made an amazing experiment in the Swedish city of Kiruna. Scientists reported their findings at a conference of the Committee on Space Research.

At a moonless night the Archeops telescope was raised to a height of 33 km. The telescope has allowed scientists for twelve hours to monitor the cosmic background radiation, which is one of the most important evidence of the Big Bang theory. This radiation was discovered in 1965.

As a result of this research scientists have confirmed a surprising suggestion that the universe is a plane.

The universe is flat as a board“, this simple and discouraging statement hides a not very clear picture. Astrophysics say that the universe is a plane, speaking of its geometric shape. They mean that in the scale of the entire universe the light moves in a straight line. In other words, a beam of light doesn’t bend under the influence of material and energy objects, which make up the universe, which is in contradiction with the theory of Albert Einstein.

The key role in determining the shape of the universe belongs to the amount of dark matter and dark energy in it.

If the density of matter and energy coincides with the critical one, the space is flat as a sheet of paper. If the true density is higher than the one that in theory is considered critical, then the space should be closed and spherical. In this case, the light will always come back to its original source.

One of the corollaries of the Big Bang theory claims that the density of matter in the universe is as close to critical, which means that the universe is flat.

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Our universe is flat as a board, say astrophysicists