Your Ancestors Didn’t Have Anxiety and Depression – Why Do You?

ancestors anxiety and depression

It is only natural that the human body occasionally experiences anxiety and depression, even hundreds of years ago our ancestors struggled with the conditions. However, why is it that the rate of people being diagnosed with anxiety and depression is constantly rising and is an everyday occurrence … READ MORE

New Quantum Reality: How Shrinking Proton Affects Your Everyday Life

new quantum reality

The building blocks of everything around us are shrinking and we are living in the new quantum reality. At least, that is what new scientific discoveries are suggesting. The proton, which is a positively charged particle in the nucleus of an atom, is now 4% smaller than … READ MORE

This Is the Real Scientific Evidence Suggesting Extraterrestrial Life Exists

extraterrestrial life

There are many old stories and myths about extraterrestrial life. This has not only been a hot issue for debate among the scientific community but has also been an attractive subject among the public. The issue that once was regarded as a secret, as well as a … READ MORE

The Mystery of Recurring Numbers: What Does It Mean When You See the Same Number Everywhere?

recurring nimbers

I once wrote an article regarding the golden ratio, or Fibonacci Sequence, which touched base on the recurrence of a specific pattern found all over the world which can be broken down to an equation that fits in various subjects, including DNA, floral patterns, natural evolution, and … READ MORE

How to Live Mindfully in Today’s World or the Best Meditation for the XXI Century

live mindfully society

In order to learn how to live mindfully and meditate properly, many people jump into spiritual practices and take self-discovery journeys to the East. You can also find many alleged “gurus” who have discovered ways to adapt (in most cases simplify) spiritual teachings for the Western mind. … READ MORE

What If Humans Were Created to Mine Gold for Aliens?

mine gold annunaki

Were humans created to mine gold for aliens? It’s possible. Maybe we were placed here to collect materials for our creator. Well, kind of. How strange this would be, yet, it would answer a multitude of questions. No matter how much you learn, you‘re still often left … READ MORE