parallel worldsThe human mind has been long concerned about the existence of other parallel worlds. While many people still consider it nothing more than a weird scientific fantasy, a certain number of scientists nowadays not only are ready to take this hypothesis seriously but also find evidence in favour of it.

Researchers from the University College London have found signs of the gravitation impact of other worlds on our universe. The discovery was made in the course of studying maps of the cosmic microwave background, which preserved in space from the initial stages of existence. The analysis has identified several round anomalous zones, which are characterized by high temperature. According to experts, this anomaly can be explained by the gravitational impact of other worlds on ours.

Physicist and astronomer Stephen Feeney involved in the research, said that in the course of the study of these round areas, he and his colleagues concluded that it was a sort of cosmic potholes left by the collision of parallel universes. In the light of this theory our own universe is just one of the bubbles, wandering in space, which can collide with each other. Scientists suppose that our universe-“bubble” has survived at least four similar collisions.

Another confirmation of this hypothesis is a phenomenon of “dark flow“, discovered by researchers from the NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. The “dark flow” is a phenomenon of leakage of galactic matter. Far galaxies which are at a distance 3 billion light years from us rapidly rush in one direction, disappearing from our universe. Scientists at the Goddard center have found the cause of such a mysterious phenomenon: it is the impact of another universe on ours.

The phenomenon of dark flow is provoked by unevenness of spatial and temporal structure in the first stages of the birth of our universe. Most likely, at the moment of the Big Bang not only our Universe was born, but a countless number of them, so originally there was a kind of multiverse, in which all the mini-universes were interacting with each other. Perhaps there still remains such a connection with one of the “sisters” of our universe. And the flow of galaxies in our universe is a manifestation of a certain force, which tries to distribute galactic clusters in the universe scale.

The hypothesis of a multiverse is multivariate: scientists have yet to choose from several options a version that would explain these processes in more detail.

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