Planet x exists: new evidence

///Planet x exists: new evidence

x planetThe presence of an unknown unseen planet – so-called “Planet X” – has occasionally been suggested as the explanation for a number of anomalies observed on the edge of our solar system. However, its existence has never been demonstrated and has been generally rejected by experts.

Now an eminent astronomer returns to this question. Using mathematical formulas and models, not only he concludes that Planet X exists, but in addition he calculates its position and size.

Rodney Gomes, astronomer at the Observatory of Brazil in Rio de Janeiro, claims that Planet X lies beyond Neptune and Pluto at a distance of 225 billion km from the Sun, and has a size four times greater than that of Earth.

According to his calculations, the presence of Planet X explains in the most satisfactory way the observed anomalies in the orbits of some dwarf planets and smaller celestial bodies located in the Kuiper Belt, a disk-shaped region which is “filled” with rocky and ice objects orbiting the Sun beyond the orbit of Neptune.

Mr. Gomes presented his findings at a conference of the American Astronomical Society, held this month in Oregon in the United States. Although his method won the overall honors, many astronomers disagreed with him. The main argument was that even despite he offered a fully checked mathematical proof, there is no tangible evidence.

Anyway, Planet X is too far away to be seen by ground-based observation instruments, so these data will be difficult to prove.

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  1. ismail claud March 8, 2014 at 6:54 am - Reply

    one day they will come to prove & to confirm; even if this time they disagree

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Planet x exists: new evidence