Psychokinesis: mysteries and reveals

psychokinesisPsychokinesis (Greek psycho – soul, spirit, kinesis – movement) is a paranormal phenomenon in which a person can distort or move an object without touching it. Psychokinesis may manifest both unconsciously and at will.

The phenomenon of psychokinesis is mentioned in ancient times, in stories of the saints and their deeds and in legends of magicians and sorcerers. This phenomenon in antiquity was attributed to healing, levitation, ability to become transparent and movement of objects at a distance. “Evil eye” is a popular belief, which is widely spread in many cultures since ancient times. According to this belief a person can be influenced at a distance, both positively and negatively. The “evil eye” can also be attributed to a form of psychokinesis.

Psychokinesis is manifested in the phenomenon of physical mediumship and includes: materialization of thought, levitation and spontaneous movement of objects and playing musical instruments without touching them (this form of psychokinesis often accompanies the poltergeist phenomenon). Often psychokinesis is credited with spirits and ghosts, however, paranormal researchers have discovered that in most cases it is provoked by the astral body of a person, sometimes without his will.

There are many mentions about the manifestations of psychokinesis of inexplicable nature. The first studies in the field of psychic phenomena were carried out by the members of the Society for Psychical Research with the assistance of mediums. In 1930 the laboratory studies of psychokinesis began. Mixed results, sometimes accompanied by fraud and forgery, greatly hampered research.

The most well-known psychokinesis test based on the toss of the dice was created by J.B. Ryan. As a result of his research, Ryan concluded that a substantial part of psychokinesis is extrasensory abilities that significantly affect the degree of psychokinesis. In order to move or distort an object psychokinetically, first of all, there should be a right perception of it in time and space. Powerful emotions, drugs, strong faith, altered states of consciousness, ability to hypnosis and many other things, in a significant way, have an impact on extrasensory perception and psychokinetic abilities and may weaken or strengthen them.

Ryan’s studies made the psychokinesis research divide into two separate streams: macro and micro psychokinesis. Macro-psychokinesis is clearly observable events like an impact on the coins and dice. Micro-psychokinesis is small and weak events are not perceived by the unaided eye and detected with the help of the statistical method: observation and recording the changing magnetic field, temperature and molecular composition of substances, etc. Modern researchers pay considerable attention to the micro-psychokinesis.

In this article you can read the examples of real people with psychokinetic/telekinetic powers.

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  1. Roberto Guerra August 18, 2012 at 4:18 pm - Reply

    That is exremely interesting.
    The brain is a truly amazing thing.

    The mind can produce an astronomical amount of energy, especially, as you mentioned, when in an altered state or under the influence of drugs.

    You may find this intriguing:

  2. J. Mason Smith June 29, 2014 at 12:20 am - Reply

    I have experienced many if not most definable & witnessed abilities that describe what is known as a PK (Psychokinetic) Agent. While most are seeded sub-consciously & when physically manifested are extremely powerful (It is a terrible thing to be afraid of one’s own power).
    As well; many are consciously active abilities w/ an undeveloped active & inactive switch, in which these abilities manifest to a greater or lesser degree, either semi-controlled -OR- @ random & w/varied range in Intensity/Magnitude, Range& Distance, but most are always on even if slightly… (due to a near fatal Event) My training was interrupted as I was being taught control these gifts & events for my own well being & the well being of others.
    As in the past; one ability in particular has manifested most times defensively; effecting real world physical reality, & offensively it has manifested with tremendously destructive effects, & is the most unstable & random of the broad array of abilities exhibited.
    [email protected]

  3. PK September 25, 2015 at 1:37 pm - Reply

    Nice article. There are many people who claim psychokinetic phenomena is just a fantasy. But, many experiments were proved its existence though they were failed in controlled conditions. I believe that our minds have tremendous power yet to be discovered.

  4. telekinesis July 20, 2016 at 6:56 pm - Reply

    The human brain is highly powerful especially when it used by your heart. For learning psychokinesis you need strong beliefs in the fact that psychic abilities are real. You are living in a Universe where everything is possible for the one who beliefs Mark 9:23. Also you should know that there is no impossible, it’s only I am possible. Try to understand that everything that surrounds you is made from atoms , just like you, and you have the power to control and manipulate this atoms that create the reality with the power of your brain. Trying to develop psychic abilities like psychokinesis is the first step to your ascension.

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Psychokinesis: mysteries and reveals