habit of actionJose Silva’s method is an easy and efficient way to reach your goals. It has helped many people and can help you. Here are several basic steps that can change your life.

Control your emotions

Negative emotions are a huge obstacle on the way to achieve the desired. They destroy your energy and strength, causing diseases and lessening the immune system. That is why it is important to learn to manage them. It can be achieved with help of the following techniques:

1. Observe your feelings. What are the symptoms of stress in your body?

2. Find hidden causes of negative emotions (rejection, abandonment, helplessness, powerlessness, loss of control). These emotions are programmed into you from the childhood and continue affecting you by causing stress, anger, fear and other negative states.

3. Look at your problem not from the perspective of a child who once suffered from the pain but from the perspective of an adult. Ask yourself: “What can I do in this situation?”

Think positively

Positive thinking is when you concentrate on what you want to achieve in this life. This is the basis of the Silva Method and many other methods of achieving goals. Do not waste your energy on negative thoughts, they may materialize. It is better to learn to think positively. 

Change your beliefs

Beliefs form your personality. If you believe in lack, illness and need, then you need to transform negative beliefs into the positive ones. Write down on a list of paper all the limitations and negative statements that exist in your mind, and change them into positive affirmations which can be used for self-suggestion.

Use your brain

Jose Silva Method helps achieve the desired through visualization, which must be carried out in an altered state of consciousness. You need to learn to change the frequency of your brain to the alpha and theta ones. It is possible to do by means of deep relaxation. This condition is most easily achieved at bedtime and upon awakening.

These are the basic steps of the Silva method which will help you achieve what you want. Get to know them and do not forget to exercise regularly, using your favorite technique of creative visualization.

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