Six Rules Everyone Should Live By

///Six Rules Everyone Should Live By

must follow life rulesTo succeed in life, you need to be realistic about yourself and others, reach harmony between inner and outer world, and try to change yourself to become better. And the following six life rules will help you with this.

Mirror Rule

People around you are your mirrors. They reflect the traits of your own personality that you cannot perceive. For example, if someone is rude to you, the one who allows and tolerates this is you. If someone deceives you again and again, then probably you are inclined to trust everybody. So do not take offense at anyone.

Right of Choice

Everything that happens in your life is the result of your own choice. And if you hang out with boring people, then maybe you am boring too. If you solve the problems of others, then probably you enjoy it. You yourself are the cause of everything that happens to you. The creator of your destiny is you and nobody else.

Mistake Rule

Everyone makes mistakes. Remember that your opinion and your actions cannot always be considered right by other people. Do not try to be ideal, you have the right to make mistakes and be wrong. The most important is to manage to recognize and fix them in time.

Conformity Rule

You have exactly as much as you deserve, no more, no less, whether it is about relationships, or about work and money. If you cannot love a person to the fullest extent, it is ridiculous to demand him/her to love you like this. So all your claims are meaningless, if you are not ready to change yourself. And yet, when you decide to change yourself, you will see changes also in people around you.

Presence Rule

You live here and now. There is no past, since it is replaced by the present every next second. There is no future, since it is not here yet. Emotional attachment to the past leads to depression, preoccupation about the future creates anxiety. So enjoy your today and now!

Optimism Rule

While we criticize life, it passes by. Think that some people do not have even the half of the things you do. Someone lives in the street, someone else is ill and is going to die in a week… Think about it, and you will find many reasons to be grateful and happy for your life.

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Six Rules Everyone Should Live By