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4 Daily Habits That Give Your Brain a Boost

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Just like physical exercise changes your body, mental exercise creates positive changes in the makeup of your brain. It’s never too late to implement brain-boosting daily habits to improve your thinking, concentration and memory. You can get started today with these four simple techniques. Challenge Yourself with Brain Games Games that involve using words, working [...]

The Monty Hall Problem: How to Unlock the Doors of Destiny

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Have you ever heard of the Monty Hall Problem? Let's explore this puzzling brain teaser and its solutions, as well as the insight into our lives it offers. I can sleep at night again, now that I have resolved one of life’s most perplexing mysteries. All is well with the universe once more. What is [...]

Best Applications and Online Tools to Enhance Your Brain Power

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The web is an amazing resource for all sorts of information. No longer do you have to bust out a farmer’s almanac to see a detailed history of a specific region’s climate history because, chances are, that information has been archived online. No longer are we reliant on atlases to show us topographical information because [...]

7 Optical Illusions That Will Blow Your Mind

By | July 10th, 2013|Categories: Brain Power, Weird & Unbelievable Facts|Tags: , , |

1. The tea cups This optical illusion was created by Chris Westall. There is a tea cup on the table, next to which there is a cube with a small cup. However, on closer inspection, we can see that in fact […]

10 Simple but Tricky Puzzles for Brain Exercise

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1. What’s in our lives that always increases and never decreases? 2. What can be shared just once? 3. What cannot be hold even for ten minutes despite it is lighter than a feather? 4. How to increase the number 666 in half without making any arithmetic operation? 5. A man was driving a big truck. The lights on the car were turned off. There was no Moon in the sky. A woman was crossing the street in front of the truck. How did the driver see her? 6. Mary wants to buy a chocolate bar, but she lacks 1 dollar. Bob also wants to buy one, but he lacks only 10 cents. The children decided to […]

10 Clever Riddles to Warm Up Your Brain

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1. The Horse Riddle British scientists have found that during an average day, a horse had one pair of legs travel a total of 18 miles, while the other pair covered 19 miles. Are they really out of their minds, or can this really be true? 2. A Little Boy and a Tree A little boy 100 centimeters tall put a nail into a tree as a mark for his own height. Three years later, he returned to the tree and put another nail at the point of his height. During this time, the boy has grown 20 centimeters taller, and the tree has grown 40 centimeters taller. What is the distance between the nails? […]

How Solving Puzzle Games Can Help You Develop

By | March 7th, 2013|Categories: Brain Power, Education, Self-Improvement|Tags: , |

Chess, sudoku, strategic computer games, social puzzle games – how can they contribute to our well-being? You must know that puzzle games haven’t been created just for fun. They are focused on abilities which all human beings possess, but not everyone takes advantage of them. Here you will find some useful tips not only for studying better, but also for enhancing your skills in general. Logical-Mathematical Intelligence As scientists say, there are various types of intelligence. Some people are better at writing (verbal intelligence), others are perfect drivers (spatial intelligence). […]

4 Interesting Riddles for Advanced Solvers

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Riddle 1: Shopping (**) A married couple returns from shopping at the supermarket laden with bags. The man begins complaining to his wife that the bags are very heavy. “Why are you complaining?” She says. “If you give me one of your bags, I would have twice as many as you do, and if I give you one of mine, we would have the same number of bags.” Question: How many bags does each of them hold? Riddle 2: The Jester (***) The king who was bored with his jester and was looking for an occasion to get rid of him, called him one day and said: – Say something, anything you want. If what you say […]

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