What Will Happen in 2016? Predictions by the Most Famous Prophets in History

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What will happen in 2016 according to French prophet Nostradamus and Bulgarian mystic Baba Vanga? Can humans predict the future? Some say it’s true, and, as a matter of fact, it is believed that humans have the ability to reveal more than just winning lottery numbers. Some believe there are individuals with the ability to [...]

Bulgarian Mystic Baba Vanga Predicted 9/11, 2004 Tsunami and ISIS. These Are Her Prophecies for 2016 and Beyond

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Notice the things happening around us as we speak. Many of these occurrences were predicted decades ago, not in some publicity stunt on television nor were they witnessed in some circus side show. These predictions were observed by world leaders and scientists, visiting upon the idea that another Nostradamus was in our midst. Who made [...]

Predicting the Future Is Not a Myth: Each Person Has This Special Ability

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Prophesying the future is a film genre that many of us prefer, including the movie Next starring Nicholas Cage in which he is capable of predicting a certain event within a few hours of its taking place. But do not believe that this only takes place on television, as in reality, everyone has this capability. Through a study, American scientists now claim that human beings may have the ability to see the future. According to reports, this study may shock the world of science. Currently, University of Washington researchers are conducting a series of experiments to reveal the mystical acumen of the brain for prediction of everyday events. This is not fortune-telling or superstition. This study will be of help to patients with neurological disorders such as early schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease, mainly because in these diseases, patients suffer from long-term consciousness loss, resulting in mental disorders. […]

New Research Shows That Most People Can See the Future

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New research shows that most humans can see the future before it happened and can impact events before they occur. This report shows that humans have the potential supernatural power and can perceive future events. Professor Daryl Bem at Cornell University in the United States conducted nine different experiments on more than 1,000 volunteers, and almost everyone demonstrated some sort of supernatural power. In one experiment, the researchers asked students to remember a series of words, and then asked them to recall these words and to write down a few chosen words. Volunteers could easily […]

Can our body perceive the future?

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It is known that the subconscious part of the mind knows much more than the conscious one. Meta-analysis of U.S. scientists has shown that the subconscious mind switches on before our conscious awareness is activated, warning us about something that is going to happen in the very near future, without stimuli from the surrounding environment. Researchers of Northwestern University analyzed the findings of 26 previous studies that had been held from 1978 until 2010. “What is not yet clear is whether the person has the ability to foresee future events without any indication from the environment,” explains the leading author of the study Dr. Julia Mossbridge of the Visual Perception, Cognition and Neuroscience Laboratory of the university. For example, if an office worker is playing computer games and is wearing headphones, obviously he cannot hear the director approach. “Our analysis showed that if we are in full coordination with our bodies, then we can see  […]

New study proves that all people have psychic powers

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According to a new study, most people probably have the ability to predict the future and influence the events before they happen. The study conducted by an American psychologist suggests that people have hidden psychic powers that allow them to foresee the events that are going to happen in the future. Professor Daryl Bem of Cornell University, New York conducted nine different experiments involving more than 1000 volunteers and everyone except one person appeared to have psychic powers. […]

The reality of parallel worlds and time travel is proved?

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In 2002 Nobel Prize winner, American physicist Raymond Davis made a sensational statement: the existence of a parallel world is proved. Neutrino, the smallest particle known to science, exists simultaneously in two worlds: in ours, the material one, and in a parallel one. Up until the 1930s, scientists used to deny the existence of supernatural forces. It changed in 1930 with the discovery of neutrino particles. In the 1920s during the first experiments on the splitting of the nucleus it turned out that some part of energy disappears to nowhere. […]

Is clairvoyance attainable by everyone?

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Many researchers who accept the existence of clairvoyance consider it an ability, not a gift. It means that, in their opinion, there is a certain group of gifted people, but all people may have extrasensory perception abilities. In particular, it is said that from infancy we are perceptive, but since we gradually adapt to the social reality within the family and later within the school environment, our contact with the astral level becomes lighter, until it disappears completely. Within church circles the phenomenon of clairvoyance is not denied, but this gift of God is believed to be given to people who live an ascetic life. Therefore, purity of soul and obedience to divine commands are required to […]

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