A Different View of Mental Illness or What a Shaman Sees in a Mental Hospital

By | September 18th, 2016|Categories: Food for thought, Psychology & Health, Spirituality|Tags: , , , , , |

What if I told you that mental illness is not what we think it is? I’m sick. At least that’s what they tell me. My psychiatrist gives me the same speech while writing out a new prescription for a stronger medication. The pills I took the previous month just didn’t seem to curb the abnormal [...]

Kitezh: the Mythical Invisible City of Russia Could Have Been Real

By | August 18th, 2016|Categories: History & Archaeology, Uncommon Science|Tags: , |

Kitezh is a mythical city of Russia which was once dubbed "the invisible city." New evidence suggests it could have been more than just a myth. In past months, the fans of the Tomb Raider franchise received a nice surprise in the form of the latest sequel of this action video game. In the plot [...]

Speaking Different Languages, Multilinguals Experience a Sort of Personality Switch

By | July 13th, 2016|Categories: Languages, Psychology & Health, Uncommon Science|Tags: , , , , , |

Science reveals the surprising effect speaking different languages has on one's personality. Being multilingual is something many of us have dreamed of achieving, but only a few manage to actually succeed. Being able to adapt to different languages and pick up the words and grammar of other cultures is something that is fascinating to those [...]

Do Superstitions Have Any Actual Scientific Basis Behind Them?

By | May 25th, 2016|Categories: Paranormal, Physics & Natural Sciences, Uncommon Science, Unexplained Mysteries|Tags: , , , |

Superstitions are among issues that have long been perceived to have some unrevealed secrets as their origins. With the progress of science and scientific methods, some old superstitions have faded away for not having any element of reality, while some others are still subjects of debate. The main question is how real superstitions are. Are they [...]

The Mystery of Giant Skeletons Found in Romania

By | March 22nd, 2016|Categories: History & Archaeology, Uncommon Science, Unexplained Mysteries|Tags: , |

In the 1970s, a group of archaeologists found an underground gallery in Rosia Montana, Romania, which led to numerous discoveries. Around 3500 BC, people of the Scythian tribe called the Agathyr built an underground gallery, also known as the hyperborean gallery, which is now known for having unearthed unusual gravestones. These gravestones were not made [...]

Top 5 Weirdest Christmas Traditions around the World

By | December 24th, 2015|Categories: Weird & Unbelievable Facts|Tags: |

Christmas is mostly about celebrations, such as giving gifts, decorating the house or going to church. However, not everyone celebrates Christmas the same way. Let's take a look at some strange and bizarre Christmas traditions, unknown to most people around the world. 1. Decoration of banana and mango trees in India In India, Christmas is [...]

9 Signs You Are a Culturally Intelligent Person

By | December 18th, 2015|Categories: Personal Development, Self-Improvement, Self-Knowledge & Personality Tests|Tags: , , , |

In this ever-changing world, culture continues to play a big part in understanding people. In order for you to be an understanding person, you need to be culturally aware as well as intelligent. Here are some signs that you are culturally intelligent, or signs you should work towards to become so: 1. The individual is [...]

Feng Shui: Can Re-Arranging Your Apartment Bring You “Luck”?

By | November 16th, 2015|Categories: Self-Improvement|Tags: |

Even if you’re not a very superstitious or religious individual, you have probably wished for luck at one point or another in your life. In fact,  (thus, the phrase “good luck”)! But what if you knew that you could improve your fortune by re-arranging furniture in your home? Or that you could sleep better at [...]

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