Stress Does More Than We Think – Anxiety Patient Experiences Persistent Déjà Vu

Walking around your house is a familiar thing, you can even do it with your eyes closed. Yet what if you could remember yourself walking through your house, driving or just living day to day life, like you already did it? This creepy feeling is called Déjà vu and is … READ MORE

Déjà vu: the Games of Subconscious Mind

Deja vu is not an illusion, it is something that you have already experienced in your unconscious fantasies. Believe if you will, or do not believe it. This was already mentioned a hundred years ago by the “great and terrible” Freud, and many subsequent studies have only confirmed his hypothesis. … READ MORE

DNA Memory Exists and Keeps Our Ancestors’ Experiences

Good or bad experience gained by the father will be inherited by his children and even grandchildren. For example, if a man drowned, it is likely that his son will be afraid of water. And the son of his son too. If he died from fire, some members of the … READ MORE

Science Behind the Mystery of Déjà Vu

It’s happened to everyone. This is a phenomenal sense of familiarity that arises when we are in a new situation. James Lampinen, professor of psychology from the University of Arkansas, explains that déjà vu is a global phenomenon that makes us believe that we relive something that is actually happening … READ MORE

Déjà vu: Why Do We Have Memories Coming from Nowhere?

Deja vu is a very strange and in some cases even unsettling sensation that always causes some confusion. A certain sound, place, or sentence said by someone is perceived as something familiar and makes it feel like if we had previously found ourselves in this situation. The first visit to … READ MORE

Could Déjà Vu Be a Way to Obtain Information from Other Dimensions?

Deja vu is one of the little-known and mysterious phenomena of our psyche. Many people sometimes feel that a situation in their life has already been experienced before in all the details. But how and when? This phenomenon is called déjà vu, which in French means ‘already seen’. It is … READ MORE

Mysterious Phenomenon of Jamais-vu – the Opposite of Déjà vu

By the term “jamais vu” psychologists mean a phenomenon in which a person perceives a familiar situation as if he was confronted with it for the first time. Familiar objects and people become completely strange to him for a few minutes. Quite often, the jamais vu phenomenon (from French jamais … READ MORE

3 Types of Déjà Vu You Have Never Heard About

Everyone knows what deja vu is, but not everyone has heard about deja vecu, deja senti or deja visite. First of all, what is called “deja vu” is not in reality deja vu, but only a type of it. According to psychologist Arthur Funkhouser, there are three types of deja … READ MORE

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4 most well-known and mysterious metaphysical phenomena

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