How Many Dimensions Are Actually There? 11-Dimensional World and String Theory

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What if there are more than three dimensions in our universe? String theory suggests there are 11 of them. Let's explore this intriguing theory and its possible applications. Since ancient days, humans have been familiar with the sense of 3-dimensionality of space. This idea was better understood after the theory of classical mechanics by Isaac [...]

What If Our Universe Is a Giant Two-Dimensional Hologram?

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What if a perceived 3D concept is a universe inside a two-dimensional hologram? This theory is popular, to say the least. The Holographic Principle Holograms are beyond intriguing. With holograms, what seems to be 3D is only a 2D illusion. For instance, credit cards and bank notes are prime examples of this. The Holographic Principle [...]

Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries in Physics

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If it exists then it can certainly be measured and explained. Physics finds facts, or as near to facts as possible. One of the most interesting facts, however, is that physics is imperfect, as there are several unsolved problems that keep us stumped – 10 to be exact. Not everything can be measured, especially the [...]

Extra Dimensions Could Be Detected by the Large Hadron Collider

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If you thought the discovery of the Higgs Boson was monumental, then brace yourself. The large Hadron Collider (LHC) may have stumbled upon something much bigger than that. According to a paper in the Physics Letter B, the large Hadron Collider could detect mini black holes. If this is true, it could mean more than [...]

Spiritual Phenomena Exist in Other Dimensions, Says British Scientist

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Professor of astronomy and mathematics Bernard Carr believes that many of the phenomena that can be observed but cannot be explained using the terms of the physical laws of our dimension, in fact, occur in other dimensions. Albert Einstein claimed that there are at least four dimensions, and the 4th one is time or space-time, as he argued that space and time cannot be devided. In modern physics, there are many supporters of the theories about the existence of 11 or more dimensions. […]

If Our World Had an Extra Dimension, What Would It Look Like?

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Have you read the novel Flatland? If you haven’t, maybe you should, since this book sets out the idea of the multidimensionality of the space and presents it in an unusual way. More particularly, the protagonist of the book called “A Square” is a creature from a two-dimensional world, where everything is a plane, just like a sheet of paper. One day he is visited by another character, “A Sphere”, from a three-dimensional world (just like our own). A Square can’t imagine what the 3-D world looks like until A Sphere takes him from Flatland to Spaceland. From there A Square can see his world and family just like we see cartoons on the TV. The only problem is that two-dimensional creatures look disgusting because from Spaceland you can see their insides, since their skin has the shape of a square and does not cover their sides. Then A Square wonders if a four-dimensional world is possible and what it would look like. In theory, it is, because there is no reason that could deny the possibility of the existence of space with as many dimensions as you can imagine. But no one can […]

Could Déjà Vu Be a Way to Obtain Information from Other Dimensions?

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Deja vu is one of the little-known and mysterious phenomena of our psyche. Many people sometimes feel that a situation in their life has already been experienced before in all the details. But how and when? This phenomenon is called déjà vu, which in French means ‘already seen’. It is a condition in which a person feels that once he already experienced a situation of the present, but the feeling is not associated with a specific moment of the past, but refers to the past in general. Deja vu is quite common. Psychologists believe that 97 % of people have experienced it at least once. Sometimes people are afraid of deja vu and worry about their mental health. What lies beyond human understanding, always frightens us. The reasons that cause the phenomenon are still not clear. It might be caused by the processes in the parts of the brain associated with memory and perception. There is a hypothesis that sometimes the perceived information gets to the memory areas sooner than to the area of the primary analysis. Thus, the brain, comparing the situation with its ‘neurocopy’ already received by the memory, concludes that it already happened before. […]

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