10 Most Remarkable Scientific Discoveries of 2015

Remarkable Scientific Discoveries of 2015

Another year on earth has passed, and now we can look back at what we’ve accomplished. Science has progressed in leaps and bounds, bringing us ground-breaking finds, revealing anticipated answers. It’s safe to say, there are more than a few examples of these accomplishments. Let’s take a … READ MORE

Mysterious Network of Prehistoric Underground Tunnels Discovered Across Europe

prehistoric underground tunnels

Did you know that archaeological research has revealed a huge network which consists of thousands of underground tunnels? This enormous network dates back to Stone Age, stretching across Europe from Scotland to Turkey. Its original purpose still remains unknown, creating multiple theories and speculations. German archaeologist Dr … READ MORE

Real-Life Hobbits Once Lived on Earth: Study Sheds New Light on the Hobbit-Like Human Ancestors

real-life hobbits

Every time fossils are found, we wait in anticipation for the unveiling of a new bundle of information. With each discovery, we find that we are varied creatures, which with time, have branched out in numerous directions and ancient pathways. A recent analysis of a decade old … READ MORE

5 Scientific Explanations for Weird Human Behaviors

weird human behaviors

Have you ever looked at somebody around you and thought their behavior was a bit weird? Well, if you really think about it, quite many of our human behaviors are weird and seem unexplainable, but we all do the same things so there must be a scientific … READ MORE

Shigir Idol: This 10,000-Year-Old Wooden Statue Could Shatter Our Views on Human Origins

shigir idol

If you think Stonehenge is an ancient discovery, then you’re right. If you think the Pyramids hold the secrets of life, then that’s a possibility. Both these monuments are testimonials to a time long gone, a time where priorities were to live, eat, drink and worship Gods. … READ MORE

Cambridge Professor Says Aliens Will Probably Look Much Like Humans

aliens like humans

So, there are only a few ways to approach this subject. Either there are aliens or we are alone. I suppose that’s the only idea, or is it? Among the many discussions on this subject, we see an overwhelming passion to understand what aliens look like, if, … READ MORE