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How to cheat on exam properly

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Apart from choosing the ways to cheat and devices to use there is another problem – how to cheat? It’s much more difficult than making a cheat sheet. Here are several recommendations: You have to know that a good cheat sheet doesn’t guarantee passing an examination. To be successful in an exam you must have a courage, endurance and good acting skills. Remember that the main thing is remaining calm! Don’t look constantly at the desk; […]

7 best ways to cheat on exam without being noticed

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Have you ever cheated on exam? At school, college or university? No? Impossible! Statistics show that over 50% of pupils/students have ever done it. Cheating doesn’t mean inability to learn the subject or being stupid or lazy, but a lack of interest in a subject or a trivial lack of time. A “Cheat Sheet”(Crib Sheet) is a harmless way to receive a good grade by saving time and avoiding headaches. No one knows who was the first to make a cheat sheet. But one thing is clear – it was a man of ideas, initiating an enormous road, trampled by many generations of students. However, in the age of high technology students learn to use the newest devices, and teachers find it more and more difficult to watch over the cheaters.The more cheaters aren’t caught, the freer students feel about […]

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