40 Weird Historical Facts You Didn’t Learn In School

1. In the Great Fire of London in 1666, which destroyed 13,200 houses, 87 churches, the cathedral of St. Paul and left 70,000 homeless, only 8 people were killed. 2. The Parliament of Iceland is the oldest still operational parliament in the world. It exists since 930. 3. The Arabic … READ MORE

Ancient Farmers Were Fitter Than Modern Olympic Champions

“Even the best-trained and honored athletes today could not compete with the ancient people,” says Dr. Colin Shaw of the University of Cambridge. At competitions our ancient ancestors would have easily won today’s world and Olympic champions. The transition from foraging to agriculture thousands of years ago brought the man to what … READ MORE

Humanity Needs to Colonize Three Planets to Survive, Says NASA

Climate change and population growth direct our civilization to migrate to other planets, warn NASA scientists. The human population will need at least three planets to survive, said Dennis Bushnell, chief scientist from the Langley Research Center of NASA. “The whole ecosystem is crashing. Essentially, we are too many out … READ MORE

In 50 Years We Will Live on the Moon, Says Hawking

On Monday, renowned astrophysicist Stephen Hawking appeared in one of the British TV shows and made a number of very interesting predictions about the future of humanity. The 72 year old scientist appeared in the show «Live from Space» on Channel 4 which had a live connection with the astronauts … READ MORE

Top Most Unbelievable Science and Technology Predictions for 2030

Robots with high IQ, human brain back up, skyscraper gardens, life expectancy of 150 years are some of what we will be experiencing in 2030 according to the “prophets” of technology and science. Scientists and researchers who have included the title “futurist” in their curriculum occasionally make predictions about the … READ MORE

New Theory States That We Come from Another Planet and Earth Is Our Prison

It may look like a script from an episode of «X-Files», but it is definitely a subversive and highly imaginative theory developed by an American scientist. As the theory supports, human was not born on Earth, but on another planet, that is why he demonstrates a series of “dysfunctions”, which … READ MORE

7 Optimistic Scenarios for the Future of Our Planet

Visions of future depicted by science fiction writers and futurists usually include atomic explosion, killer robots on tracks or zombie apocalypse. And this is justified since we do not take adequate care of our environment, new technologies are not always good of mankind and people of the world are at … READ MORE

‘Humanity Must Colonize Other Planets to Survive’

Technology that allows us to reach the nearest planets is already in our hands, and a former astronaut Jeff Hoffman thinks that we must colonize other planets for the sake of our long-term survival. Hoffman is one of about five hundred people who lived through the unique experience of seeing … READ MORE

Ecologist Presented Evidence That Humans Are Not from Earth

Back pain, sunburns and painful childbirth suggest that mankind migrated to the Earth from another planet, claims ecologist Dr. Ellis Silver. In his book, he cited a number of facts that show how maladjusted people are to life on Earth. According to him, human is the most developed and at … READ MORE