10 Remarkable Ancient Civilizations That Mysteriously Disappeared

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Learning about ancient civilizations that disappeared is always fascinating, especially when the reasons of their disappearance are ambiguous or unknown. Let's find out about 10 remarkable ancient civilizations and their mysterious disappearance. 1. The Olmec civilization The Olmec culture blossomed in Mexico from 1200-400 BC and is considered to be the descendant of the Maya [...]

5 Lost Ancient Cities Uncovered from the Past

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5,000-year-old Pyramid City of Caral Archeologists continue to peel back the layers of time, revealing things that were once lost. Whole cities, for instance, have been swallowed by water, sand or vegetation. If you’ve ever heard of the city of Atlantis, lost forever and swallowed by the sea, then you’re not alone. Most [...]

Mayan Calendar Is Over, the World Is Not!

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Today the 13th baktun in the famous Mayan calendar has ended, the world has not. It can really be called one of the most “successful” disaster scenarios of all time, since millions of people around the world have talked about the so-called Mayan prophecy either in their jokes or on serious. Some have even hidden themselves in special doomsday bunkers and have prepared for all kinds of natural disasters, even for UFO invasion. So, the December 21, 2012 is not the last day of the world. But there is no reason for fans of eschatological theories to be disappointed – there are other dates of the supposed destruction of the world in 2013. […]

Mayan Prophecy: the truth about what will happen tomorrow

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Tomorrow, according to the interpretations given to the Mayan calendar, our planet is going to experience the total destruction. This discussion about the end of the world, believed to be predicted by the Mayans, has lasted for several decades now and has created global anxiety and alarm of people who believe that the doomsday is near and start their prayers or even close in underground storages and tunnels. But in fact tomorrow will be another day like any other day since there is no evidence neither from space nor from the Earth that something like that is going to happen. […]

How People Around the World Are Preparing for the 2012 Apocalypse

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Anxiety began to spread around the world from the moment the information about the Mayan calendar ending on December 21, 2012 appeared on television and the Internet. Historians and simply religious and superstitious people took this doom prophecy on serious. The most interesting is that in every country the coming end of the world is presented in different ways. […]

Does New Discovery Confirm Doomsday Prophecy?

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Unusual finding in an ancient Romanian church of the XV century confirms the end of the world on December 21, 2012. Local news agency reports that frescoes with scenes from the end of the world were discovered in the chapel of St. Nicholas Orthodox Church, which was built in 1495 and is located in Brasov, Romania. In total, 14 frescoes depicting scenes of the apocalypse were found. Particular attention of the Romanian scientists was drawn to paintings that have a striking resemblance to […]

12/12/12: Secrets and Reveals of Today’s Date

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Numerologists and superstitious people all over the world are in alarm today, since the current date is an extremely rare phenomenon, the first and the last of its kind that we will ever witness in our lives: 12/12/12. […]

Apocalyptic theories: The End of the World that Never Came

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Due to the Mayan calendar, in this period many people are fraught with eschatological prophecies of the coming end of the world on December 21. However, this fear is not new to humanity. […]

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