Scientists Found a Way to Deliver Drugs Directly into Cancer Cells

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American scientists have made a revolutionary breakthrough in the fight against cancer, making up a direct way to deliver drugs into cancer cells without loss along the way through biological life support systems of the body. This effect, according to the American online edition Advanced Materials, is provided by multi-layered nanoparticles. “A breakthrough in medical science is made by scientists and researchers of the David H. Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research at MIT. They have created double-shell nanoparticles, the core of which contains cancer drugs” writes the edition. […]

Nanoparticles Can Purify Contaminated Water and Kill Cancer Cells!

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Nanotechnology is the latest interdisciplinary field of science that operates on microscopic scale, down to atoms and molecules. The new science is young, and the scientific community has not even had a single clear definition as to what nanotechnology is. However, it does not prevent researchers to make one discovery after another, exploring the properties, behavior, and possible applications of nanoparticles. As recently as 2013, scientists have brought to the world three important messages about their most recent experiments with nanoparticles. A team of scientists from Stanford University announced the creation of nanoparticles that can purify water from contamination. […]

In the 21st century Humanity Will Move 20,000 Years Forward

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At the International Congress in Moscow, Russia “Global Future 2045”, renowned scientist and futurist Ray Kurzweil spoke about the future of mankind. With the number of his inventions, Ray Kurzweil can be compared to the famous American physicist Thomas Edison. He has been awarded with praises such as “thinking machine” and “fountain of genius.” He became famous for his prophecies, which tend to come true. THE WORLD IN YOUR POCKET In the next century we will move forward at a rate not 100 years, but 20,000 years, promised Professor Kurzweil. The speed of progress constantly increases. Incredible advances that have been made in just a few years, are all around us today: nano-scaling, communications, brain research, deciphering genome. For example, the critics of early genome project believed that research and deciphering of tens of thousands of base pairs of DNA would take 10,000 years. The project was completed in nearly 10 years. […]

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