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It Is Possible to Heal the Body with the Mind, and There Is Scientific Proof to This

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The mind is the control center of the human being, even more so than you know. The mind can make decisions, learn new things and feel emotions — it can also heal the body. You heard it right, the mind can completely and utterly destroy all signs of disease from the body. One of the [...]

Meditation Changes Your Body on a Cellular Level, New Study Finds

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The go-to solution, when sick, has been running to the doctor’s office and loading up on antibiotic prescriptions. It works, and this treatment seems to be the easiest and most convenient way to end the life of those sniffles, coughs and sore throats. As far as more serious conditions go, we still turn toward medicine [...]

Is Crystal Healing Scientifically Possible?

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According to Phillipians 4:7 in the King James Cristian Bible, “the peace of God surpasseth all understanding”. But, in a world where spirituality and science are both matters of faith for millions of people around the world, it is not only the peace of the divine that appears to be beyond our collective powers to [...]

Does Human Body Have a Self-Healing Mechanism?

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Modern civilization accepts as real only what is visible and measurable. The existence of a phenomenon is ascertained through the analysis of its mechanism and examined from the results and consequences. But science often gets puzzled by phenomena for which there is no reasonable explanation as it happens in cases of self-healing, which have become increasingly common in recent years. The fact that the body is affected by the spirit is generally accepted and reflected in language, since in our daily lives we often use such common phrases as “take my breath away” when being scared or shocked, “break my heart ” when suffering from emotional pain and other similar idioms that connect the feelings and emotions with the body. What happens when people find a solution without the intervention of science in difficult medical cases or when a placebo pill is enough to fix an injury suffered by the human body? Is it about willpower or faith, is it a kind of miracle or does human indeed have the ability to heal himself? […]

LSD Helps Terminal Patients Cope with Depression and Fear

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The psychoactive drug seems to help in combating the fear of impending death associated with a terminal illness. An incurable disease sooner or later makes the person face the fact of premature and inevitable (and possibly quite painful) death. This serious psychological problem should be solved, but it is clear that psychological means are not enough, and some medication that would increase the effect of psychotherapy is needed. In such cases the use of psychoactive narcotic medications is often recommended, despite the fact that it is not always justified by experimental scientific research. […]

How to Unleash the Healing Power of Your Mind

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I recently read a very interesting book by Lissa Rankin, M.D. The book was entitled “Mind Over Medicine”, and it really got me thinking about my own life, as well as my own strengths and abilities, at least in regard to my health.  The basis of the book, which was written by a medical doctor who became frustrated with modern medicine, focuses on the amazing and powerful abilities we all hold within ourselves to heal.  Don’t get me wrong; Dr. Rankin believes modern medicine most certainly has its place in the world.  However, she advocates that we also have the ability within ourselves to heal and change certain circumstances. […]

Placebo Effect in Surgery: ‘Fake’ Surgery Seems to Be Equally Effective

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We know so little about the human abilities that some simple truths can confound even a scientist. The placebo effect is one of those events that just lead modern science to a quandary. Can a dummy pill together with a person’s faith really work miracles? The amazing power of placebo has been repeatedly confirmed in various studies. Moreover, it is confirmed all the time in the analysis of drugs whose effectiveness is compared with the effect of pacifiers. Pain, depression, and certain neurological diseases are particularly amenable to treatment with dummy pills. The power of one’s faith is enough even for the effect of “fake” surgeries. […]

Autosuggestion: How to Use This Powerful Mind Tool

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When we face obstacles in our lives we not always try to overcome them by ourselves, but we rather tend to believe that we will certainly get some help from the world. We listen to the advice of friends and not-so-friends, family, read all sorts of articles and watch television programs and wait. Suggestion, which [...]

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