Do Psychic Abilities Like Telekinesis Really Exist?

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In the second half of 1960, American television stations had a series of programs featuring a young Israeli Uri Geller, who literally mesmerized the audience, demonstrating his paranormal ability to move metal objects using thoughts. Perhaps these old shows later inspired the Wachowski brothers to create the famous scene in “The Matrix” movie. Uri Geller could indeed make spoons and keys bend by a flick of his fingers and compass needle to rotate just by staring at it. Once he managed to stop the mechanical Big Ben clock in London with a simple mental effort. It looked as if in the beginning of a space era, humanity has finally witnessed a true case of telekinesis. The power over metals and metal objects were not the only Geller’s ability. The psychic also […]

Electronic Telepathy and Telekinesis Could Become Reality Thanks to Temporary Tattoos

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Scientists say that we may soon be able to control flying drones with our minds, and communicate almost telepathically via smart phones, thanks to temporary electronic tattoos. Todd Coleman, associate professor of bioengineering at the University of California, is developing non-invasive means to control electronics with the mind – a technique that can be used by practically anybody. Controlling machines by thought alone is no longer strictly the domain of science fiction. In recent years, brain implants have given people the ability to control robots with their thoughts, giving hope that one day we will be able to overcome the disadvantages of serious injury and disability with the help of bionic limbs or mechanical exoskeletons. But brain implants are an invasive technology, and perhaps should only be used in people who need them for medical reasons. Instead, Coleman and his team are developing flexible wireless chips that read brain activity, which can be placed on the hand in the form of a temporary tattoo. […]

How To Make Your Mind Work Its Full Potential

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Many of us think that what we are capable of doing now are the only things we will only be capable of doing for the rest of our lives. Things that are of supernatural and beyond “normal” human senses are impossible for those who are not born with these “gifts”, but this is completely a myth. If you have heard other people saying that the mind is capable of doing many things, well they are right! The brain has a very huge and unexplained scope of power that only those who have unlocked these powers will be able to access it. Our thoughts have the power to alter reality and many others only we dismiss the idea of these extraordinary powers because most of us do not know they exist, while some do not understand these powers entirely. […]

Moving objects with the mind becomes possible

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If you are sure that only heroes of science fiction movies are able to move objects by the power of thought, it is time to get rid of this illusion. Very recently scientists of the ATR company in the Japanese city of Kyoto invented a sophisticated device that allows to influence objects with the mind at a distance. According to the ATR, the production of this device called Network Brain Machine Interface is expected to start by 2020. This is a kind of head cover, equipped with sensitive cables which record the smallest variations in the circulatory system and react to stimuli in the brain. […]

Real Ghost Busters Study Anomalistic Psychology

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Students of anomalistic psychology study human behavior and experiences that are generally described as paranormal. However, these scientists operate without the assumption of paranormal activity; and studies often “bust” popular paranormal myths. Koestler Parapsychology Unit, University of Edinburgh Located in Edinburgh, Scotland this research center has churned out studies on a wide variety of popular myths, both paranormal and psychological. Earlier this year, Dr. Caroline Watt, Senior Researcher of the Koestler Unit, worked with other scientists to tackle the claim that eye movement is  […]

Psychokinesis: mysteries and reveals

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Psychokinesis (Greek psycho – soul, spirit, kinesis – movement) is a paranormal phenomenon in which a person can distort or move an object without touching it. Psychokinesis may manifest both unconsciously and at will. The phenomenon of psychokinesis is mentioned in ancient times, in stories of the saints and their deeds and in legends of magicians and sorcerers. This phenomenon in antiquity was attributed to healing, levitation, ability to become transparent and movement of objects at a distance. […]

Clairvoyance: a hidden mind power

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Messages from the secret channels of the mind, images suddenly making their appearance to warn us about the future… What abilities of the human brain still remain hidden from scientists? Yet only a small percentage of human potential has been known after years of research and much effort. However, at times we hear about people who have more advanced capabilities and can “see” outside and beyond the material world. They perceive things and situations without using the five known senses, they see a canvas of images of events that have not yet taken place and are just pieces of the puzzle of the Future… […]

Telekinesis: real people with superpowers

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I have already posted an article on telekinesis in which I gave general information about this phenomenon and told about several scientific experiments on it. Now I’m going to speak of real examples of people known for telekinetic powers. The case of spontaneous telekinesis happened to a French girl Angelica Cottin, when she was 14 years old. On the evening of January 15, 1846 she and three village girls were embroidering. Suddenly embroidery fell out of their hands and a lamp was thrown in the corner. Girls accused Angelica, because in her presence strange things always happened: […]

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