Is It Possible to Travel Through a Wormhole in the Blink of an Eye?

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People have been trying to cut down on their transit time to go from one place to another to the least possible since the beginning of time. If it was at all possible to take less than a second to go to the other side of the Earth, people would be abuzz and ecstatic. They [...]

How Will the World Change by 2025?

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Having analyzed huge volumes of data regarding the scientific studies and patent applications, the company Thomson Reuters, a child agency of Reuters, came up with a list of ten innovations that promise to dramatically change the planet by 2025. Intellectual Property and Science Department of the company initially identified ten areas of scientific research which are most often referred to in the scientific literature. This information was combined with data on the areas with most of the patent application claims. Here are Top Ten Innovations of 2025 according to the Thomson Reuters’s report: […]

Scientists Managed to Teleport Data over Three Meters with 100% Accuracy

By | May 30th, 2014|Categories: Futurism & Technology, Physics & Natural Sciences, Uncommon Science|Tags: , , |

Dutch scientists achieved accurate teleportation of quantum information over a distance of three meters. This is a great achievement, but is still far from the famous phrase “Beam me up, Scotty!” from Star Trek where people were teleported into space. However, it is another step in this direction. […]

Biological Teleportation: It Is Possible to Teleport Living Beings!

By | March 2nd, 2014|Categories: Futurism & Technology, Medicine & Genetics, Uncommon Science|Tags: , , |

Renowned geneticist Craig Venter, one of the pioneers of synthetic biology, claims that the technologies needed to teleport living beings already exist. However, till now he is talking only about viruses and bacteria. But maybe someday it can be true for humans too. In 1995 a group of scientists from the J. Craig Venter Institute, JCVI, launched a project “minimal genome”, whose goal was to leave in the genetic code only the essential information for the existence of a living organism. The research was based on the bacterium Mycoplasma genitalium, which at that time had the smallest genome of all known (482 genes). In 1999, Venter reduced the number of genes to 382, creating a […]

Quantum Teleportation of Information Opens the Way for Quantum Internet!

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For the first time an international team of physicists succeeded to teleport information in a solid-state quantum memory, which is a prerequisite for future quantum internet. In quantum teleportation no mass is transferred, but only the information that describes the state of the quantum system that transmits the signal. The other quantum system receives all the properties of the transmitted quantum state and creates an exact copy. This kind of technology is behind a new generation of computer systems, including quantum Internet, which among other things promises to exchange information between computers […]

Energy Can Be Teleported Over Long Distances, Say Quantum Physicists

By | February 4th, 2014|Categories: Futurism & Technology, Physics & Natural Sciences, Uncommon Science|Tags: , , |

Japanese physicists made calculations that prove that energy can be transmitted over long distances by quantum teleportation. Quantum teleportation, despite its name, does not mean instantaneous transfer to a distance, because it necessarily requires the classical (not superlight) communication channel. At the same time, the quantum state can be transmitted, and the concept of transferring energy in this way is not new, but previously, calculations showed that the possibility of such a transfer should […]

Japanese Scientists Prove That Teleportation Is Possible

By | December 20th, 2013|Categories: Futurism & Technology, Physics & Natural Sciences, Uncommon Science|Tags: , , , |

The future is already here: for the first time in the world, a team of Japanese scientists managed to implement teleportation! A beam of light was moved from point A to point B. For the purpose of the experiment, Noriyuki Lee and his colleagues divided light into elementary particles – photons. They kept only one photon that carried the information about the rest beam. This photon was entangled at the quantum level with another photon, which was located at point B. It turned out that these two photons instantaneously affected each other, being physically located in different places. Thanks to this phenomenon, the original beam was at the same moment recreated elsewhere using the information carried by the photon. It is interesting that the possibility of quantum entanglement of elementary particles was suggested by […]

Is Teleportation Possible and How Much Time Does It Require?

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In science fiction (such as “Star Trek”), teleportation is a usual thing. But how much time and effort is necessary to submit the data required for human teleportation? Students at the Physics Department of the University of Leicester Declan Roberts, James Nelms, Suzanne Thomas and David Starkey decided to answer this difficult question. The students found that the energy required for teleportation of one individual depends on the bandwidth, which automatically means less time, but the increase in power consumption. In their work, the students explored the possibility of teleportation of one person on the Earth’s surface into space orbit. […]

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