How to Get Your Wishes Fulfilled Using the Law of Attraction

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Do you want to get your wishes fulfilled? If you stretch your awareness a little bit, you will realize that the world around you is a clear manifestation of your own desires, thoughts, perceptions, feelings and emotions. You may call it destiny or karma, but you have always received what you really wanted. Remember the [...]

9 Essential Rules for Manifestation Techniques to Make a Wish Come True

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  “You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometime you find, you get what you need”  – Mick Jagger, The Rolling Stones As the famous song by “The Rolling Stones” suggests, we can’t get all of our wishes fulfilled - we only get what we really need. So, is there a [...]

How to Use the Power of Words to Fulfill your Wish, Desire and Command

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To be more precise, the power of documented words when activated verbally and fulfilled with intention. Words and Water Your first thought on this subject probably goes in the direction of the late Dr. Masaru Emoto, and why not. His extensive research clearly demonstrates when written and spoken words are applied to glass jars containing [...]

How to Make a Wish Come True with a Powerful Manifestation Technique

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“Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will.” - George Bernard Shaw You probably wished for something at some point of your life. Some things did manifest while others failed to do so. Why is that? Is there a [...]

How to Make Your Wishes Come True with the Power of Thought

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What is a wish? It is your thoughts that arise in your mind, and that can become a reality, thanks to you and that inner power that you possess. Researchers have long studied the human subconscious and made the following discovery: any thought just like a magnet attracts and transforms the outside world. And it is very joyful discovery, since it gives a person the tremendous power and creative energy and makes the fulfillment of wishes possible for everyone. In order to enhance this power of thought you need to train your mind and increase energy every day, because one’s wishes become a reality much faster if they are supported by a large supply of inner strength and a positive attitude. What destroys your energy and your power of thought? All sorts of negative thinking – fears, doubts, disturbing thoughts – take away your energy, so your mind should be exempt from such beliefs. Try to think positively, switching to the thoughts full of positive energy and light. […]

8 Universal Laws That Will Change Your Life

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1. The Law of Creation Thought creates everything. Knowing this law, you can create everything by consciously controlling your thoughts and guiding them in the right direction. You can start creating the things you desire. 2. The Law of Implementation Every idea has the right to be implemented. If you are pleased with your thoughts, then let them be implemented. Do not interrupt them with doubts. Everything has the right to exist! 3. The Law of Time We have time to slow down or cancel the implementation of an idea. This is the reason of the existence of time. Due to the evolution of the universe, the length of time to cancel the implementation of an idea is reduced with each passing day. […]

6 lessons of happiness from children

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Many people change with age. They become more and more immersed in their problems and smile less and less. But take a look at little children. They always smile and enjoy life. So maybe adults should less teach their children and even take a few lessons from them? Here are a few examples that will help you look at the world with eyes of a child and become a happier person: Release negative emotions The child is very easy to switch from bad to good. For example, playing, he breaks his knee and starts crying, but […]

How to make your wishes come true by the power of thought

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Have you ever noticed that when you think of something desired, in some time your dream comes true, even though you’ve already forgotten about it? It’s not a miracle and neither a coincidence! This is exactly what is called fulfilment of a wish by the power of thought. By wishing something with passion you run an energy pulse, which “works” to make your dream come true. Of course, you may not agree and say that nothing like this has ever happened to you. But be aware that the fulfilment of wishes by the power of thought has several features. Here is a small strategy on how to make your wishes come true: […]

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