The brain learns during sleep

sleeping girlAccording to researchers from the University of Michigan in the U.S., learning occurs during sleep due to the fact that our memory treats the day’s events at night.

They found out that there is a so-called “sleep memory” – a previously unknown form of memorizing.

Results of the research, which was attended by over 250 people, showed that there are separate forms of memory, which differ from those studied previously. They are active at a time while a person is sleeping.

Functions of storing information in the brain during sleep are unique. However, people with deep and calm sleep showed the best results in memorization.

According to researchers, the experimental results prove once again that during sleep the brain processes information without participation of consciousness. This function of the nervous system improves memory capacities, which we use in awake state.

Researchers say the particularity they found is an additional argument in favor of the statement that a person should have a full sleep at night.

So the conclusion is that improving the quality of sleep you can improve the ability to learn!

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The brain learns during sleep