The Castle: an Impressive Test That Will Say Much about Your Personality

castle personality testImagine that you are in front of a castle. The scenario then unfolds through the questions that follow. How easily do you take risks in life? What do you think will happen in the future and what image do you believe others have of you?

Take paper and pencil, note the responses and learn more about your character, through this imaginary walk in the castle.

1. You are in front of the door of the castle. How exactly do you imagine it?

  • It is a simple door
  • It is covered by plants and is somewhat hard to find
  • It is a huge wooden door with metal details and it looks a little frightening

2. You pass the door of the castle and realize that there is no soul. It is desert. What is the first thing you see?

  • A huge library, wall to wall full of books
  • A huge fireplace and a hot fire burning
  • A large banquet hall with huge chandeliers and red carpets
  • A long corridor with many closed doors

3. You look around and find a staircase. You decide to climb the stairs. What does the staircase look like?

  • It looks sharp and massive like not leading anywhere
  • It is an impressive spiral, grand staircase

4. After you climb the stairs, you reach a small room in which there is only one window. How big is it?

  • It is a normal window
  • It’s too small, almost skylight
  • The window is huge, so that it takes almost the entire surface of the wall

5. You look out the window. What do you see?

  • Large waves crashing furiously on rocks
  • A snowy forest
  • A green valley
  • A small, vibrant city

6. You go down the stairs and you’re back in the area where you were when you first entered the castle. You go ahead and find a door at the rear of the building. You open it and go out in a yard. What exactly does it look like?

  • It is full of hypertrophic plants, grasses, broken wood and fallen barbed wire
  • It is impeccably maintained with countless colorful flowers
  • It’s a little jungle, but you can imagine how beautiful it would be if someone cleaned and put it in order


1st Question – The door

The door represents your attitude to new experiences. If you imagined a simple, everyday door, you probably are not afraid of any new challenge and will test your luck in new things and situations without a second thought.

If you have chosen the hidden door, you probably do not know what you need to do in the future and your life in it, and it looks blurry and undefined.

Of course, if you have chosen a big, scary door, then you probably are afraid of the unknown and find it difficult to get out of your comfort zone and try new experiences.

2nd Question – Inside the castle

The space inside the castle is the idea that you believe others to have of you. If for example you saw a library, you probably think that you are the person who supports others and helps them find answers to their problems.

The large fireplace gives a feeling of warmth and passion that you think you cause in people.

A fancy ballroom suggests that you feel that you can dazzle people around you and that you have a lot to give.

If you ended up in a long corridor with closed doors, you feel that you are difficult to understand and others will have to try much to ‘penetrate’ more within you.

3rd Question – The staircase

The stairway shows the image that you have of life. The sharp and massive staircase shows a person who sees life as suffering, with many difficulties. Unlike the beautiful spiral staircase which shows how romantic a person is.

4th Question – The window

castle personality test The window is the way you feel right now. A small window means that you feel depressed and trapped in your life. It may feel like there’s no way out of what you are experiencing in this period.

A normal window shows a person with realistic demands and expectations of life at this stage. You realize that there are limitations, but the future is here and it looks clear for you.

Conversely, if the window is gigantic, you probably feel invincible, free and able to achieve what you want.

Question 5th – The view from the window

The view from the window is the overview of your whole life! A stormy sea shows a hectic and erratic life, while a snowy forest is associated with a person who lived isolated and detached from the crowds. The green valley shows that your life is calm and steady, without much stress and anxiety. Finally, the vibrant city is related to someone who generally lives full life socializing with lots of people.

Question 6 – The courtyard of the castle

The image of the courtyard is the image that you have in mind of your future! So if your garden is neat and shiny, then you feel that your future will be heavenly. On the other, a picture of a promising but neglected garden shows an optimistic person, who is worried if he can find the energy to take control of his life and make his future more beautiful. Those who chose the grassy, damaged garden are pessimistic that do not have a nice picture of the future.

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Anna LeMind

Anna LeMind

Anna is the owner and lead editor of the website She is passionate about learning new things and reflecting on thought-provoking ideas. She writes about technology, science, psychology and other related topics. She is particularly interested in topics concerning consciousness and subconscious, perception, human mind's potential, as well as the nature of reality and the universe.
Anna LeMind

About Anna LeMind

Anna is the owner and lead editor of the website She is passionate about learning new things and reflecting on thought-provoking ideas. She writes about technology, science, psychology and other related topics. She is particularly interested in topics concerning consciousness and subconscious, perception, human mind's potential, as well as the nature of reality and the universe.
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  1. I’m not typically into taking quizes but this one was interesting to me. I answered the questions as I would have liked to see them if I really came across a castle, as if I had the ability to actually make the choices. It turns out that 5 of the 6 answers were correct about me. Looking back at the psychology of the quiz, it makes sense why it works. Will be passing it along to friends.

  2. I imagined myself standing before the door of a Castle, but one of which I would want to find myself, not one neglected nor simple. It would be a huge wooden door with metal details and must appear frightening. Simple and ignored does nothing for my blood…I would not bother to knock, I would enter without fear….You go to the mundane Castle, I’ll go where demons fear to tread. Needless to say I’ve foregone answering any further questions, just saying.

  3. This quiz is nice but becomes inaccurate due to cultural differences. For the first question, my dream-man imagined a crystal door, massive and beautiful to the sight as well as touch but most importantly not frightening at all (I’m assuming it’s the scariness that constitutes the result) Also, coming from the tropics, one such as me would have no experience with fireplaces and therefore there was no chance of imagining such a thing…would that mean that no one in the tropics has an ability to instill passion? I think not. Also, due to my interests in Astronomy my big window turned out to be the entire round ceiling of the tower with a perfect view of nebulae. No doubt quizzes like this, while fun, are also sadly quite limited. Quite in contrast with the human imagination, which is not.

  4. Or, you grew up in the 80’s when sword and sorcery imagery was huge. It had a profound influence on how you would visualize a castle and tell the test administrator little about you.

  5. Henry Whitley III(son of Henry Whitley II)

    Good morrow, I am very offended by this quiz. I was in the middle of taking it, and was very excited until I approached the question of the stairs. I was insulted by the fact that one of the answers was not a ramp. I have been crippled for 8 years now, because of an old jousting injury. It was my passion for so long, and now I am handicapped. I did not know which staircase to answer, because I have not been able to walk in 8 years. Although I did enjoy the first part of the quiz, I could not finish. I am very sad, if you could please make another quiz that is handicap accessible I would appreciate it greatly, thank you and good day.

  6. Man I have a really negative outlook. I suck

  7. This was wonderful and eye opening. I loved it!

  8. 1st door…#3
    Not because I’m afraid, but because I like spooky adventures. All other answers? Come on. You wouldn’t find a lush garden behind a large scary door, would you?

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