The end of the world won’t come in 2012!

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Nowadays, everyone talks about the end of the world, predicted by the Mayan civilization. According to the famous calendar, at the end of December, 2012 the current cycle or the “Era of the Fifth Sun” will end, and a new era will come, followed by various disasters. However, despite a lot of different theories, scientists claim there is no reason to worry.

There are no predictions by the Mayan civilization about the end of the world in 2012, assured researchers from the National University of Mexico, who study ancient cultures of Mexico.

Ancient scholars calculated their calendar till December 21, 2012, but never pointed that after it the end of the world will come. It just ended, that’s all. Also Maya held the theory that “history repeats itself at some point“, and then the countdown begins again.

Shortly before a German scientist Nikolai Grube from the University of Bonn has also pointed out in one of his articles about the ancient population of Mexico that predictions about the end of the world don’t exist. “Anyone who analyzes hieroglyphs of the ancient people, will be convinced of the absence of any written notice of impending global cataclysm, that would allegedly affect the planet”, said the expert.

Scientists themselves still haven’t fully figured out the story of appearance of the Mayan calendar and what provoked the emergence of rumors about the end of the world in 2012. Mayan calendar remains one of the most mysterious objects of this ancient civilization.

According to the ancient Mayan calendar, which consists of about 394-year periods, known as “baktun”, the 13th baktun finishes on December 21, 2012. The number 13 was sacred for this tribe. The calendar shows that in this day the time “expires”.

And what about astrophysics? According to the data of the American space agency NASA,  there are no planets or any other celestial objects, threatening the Earth. Also there is a strong warning system against the wandering asteroids, which however, are not observed. Even the neighboring planets won’t come together in the near future, and even if it happens there is no threat for us. Finally, storm bursts of the solar activity take place with regularity of about 11 years, and although they may happen in 2012, it won’t have disastrous consequences.

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The end of the world won’t come in 2012!