The mind of the future – How technology helps

///The mind of the future – How technology helps

google effectIn the last few decades, there have been various technological discoveries along with the advancements in medical science. As per these discoveries, it came to light that our mind has the power to influence the actual structure of our brains. According to the scientists all over the world, the experiences which we go through affect our neurological organisation.

Therefore, the point is that the environment we are living in is affecting the way our mind is going to work in the future. Now, we live in a rapidly developing technologically advanced world. It affects not only the professional and the social lives, but also

the way we think, remember and imagine.

With the introduction of the smart homes, the iPods, the Web-enabled and the multimedia based cell phones, and with our ability to access the Internet, the way in which we think, communicate and try to remember has undergone a drastic change.

While technology helps us in so many ways, it also results in loss of our power to think and remember. Therefore, it results in weakening of certain areas of our brain. We use calculator and various other gadgets in order to work on certain simple calculations, which we have the power to perform on our own. With time, it makes us lazy. Although we may not willingly want to lose the ability of calculating in our own mind, we do also realize that the usage of the electronic items allows the brain to restructure and develop new capabilities. This means that we will have to make sure that we should do away with our total dependence upon the devices, and we will also have to recognise and appreciate the newly developed abilities.

However, it is mainly the developing brains which are at risk. As per the recent reports, if the present situation can be considered, we would see that 12 hours of media consumes our day, which will include both the TV and the Internet. While in 1960, people used to consume only 5 hours of their day, using the Internet and watching the TV. So, it is mainly the children who are at risk of losing the power to think and calculate on their own.

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The mind of the future – How technology helps