time machineA group of quantum physicists of the MIT University in the U.S. believe that the creation of a time machine is achievable, which will make it possible to travel into the past and thus cause changes in it, even without creating paradoxes in the present and future.

Quantum engineers have already managed to teleport quantum states from one location to another within several km. Now Professor Seth Lloyd and his colleagues at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) aspire to go even further by exploiting another quantum phenomenon to travel backwards in time, reports the British “Telegraph”.

As Lloyd said to the magazine “Technology Review”, “it is possible for particles (and, theoretically, for people) to travel in the tunnel of time from the future to the past”.

Unlike other theories of teleportation in time, this quantum theory avoids dilemmas and paradoxes that arise from such a trip in the time (such as the famous “grandfather paradox” which raises the question “if I killed my grandfather in the past, then how I would be born in the future and then travel in the past?“).

Moreover, unlike other theories of “going back to the future”, the quantum time machine does not require the bending of spacetime, which is supposed to be created by black holes, but a trip through them seems highly unlikely in practice.

Of course quantum journey into the past does not seem to be closer to reality and up to date is nothing but a controversial theory which is believed by many physicists to be never realized. However, the MIT team presented it with the title “Quantum mechanics of time travel through post-selected teleportation”.

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