Too much intelligence may be harmful

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intelligencePerhaps excessive cleverness is not the best thing. This is claimed by scientists who speak of a ceiling on the level of intelligence of people, which acts as a “shield”.

Scientists at Warwick University in Great Britain and their colleagues from the University of Basel in Switzerland have been studying the human evolution trying to find out why the level of intelligence is at the level that we know and we are not smarter than we are.

They concluded that excessive intelligence may lead to serious malfunctions of organs as well as to psychical disorders. For this reason we have a special physical mechanism that prevents the excessive increase of intelligence. The researchers report that a very high IQ is likely to be associated with diseases of the nervous system.

Also the scientists claim that various substances such as caffeine, which used in recent years to enhance memory and intelligence, are effective but have limited action and only help those who face specific problems such as lack of concentration.

The secret to the whole story is “the exchange”, which means that the level of intelligence operates on the basis “give something – lose something.” Put simply, the researchers support the statement that if the level of memory (or intelligence in general) increases greatly, it will decline some other function, so, ultimately the person won’t be charismatic but troubled.

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Too much intelligence may be harmful