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next 100 yearsReporters of BBC television and radio ranked events and discoveries that are most likely to occur by the end of the XXI century according to the Internet audience.

Representatives of BBC asked its readers to predict how different human life will be in the coming years. Despite the fact that the purpose of the survey was to obtain forecasts for 2012, the audience of BBC went further and made their predictions for a hundred years. At the request of the British journalists, Oxford scientist Ian Pierce estimated probability of each of the predicted events on a scale.

1. Food reserves in the ocean (2012)

The number of people in the world is growing steadily and has exceeded the mark of 7 billion. Therefore, it raises an issue of how to feed all this population. To do this, the oceans will be a kind of “food reserves”, where fish and nutritious seaweed will be bred. Scientists are already working on cultivating of varieties of useful marine plants.

Probability: 10/10

2. Weather control (2012)

In the near future, we are likely to make significant progress in the control of weather. Today people are able to disperse clouds, but maybe soon technological achievements in this area will make it possible for the inhabitants of tropical countries to order snow for Christmas. However, most probably, such kind of services will be so costly that will be used only to prevent tsunamis, hurricanes and other natural disasters.

Probability: 8/10

3. U.S.decay (2012-2015)

Well, not exactly like this. Bur maybe the USA will “lose” one state. It has long been rumored that California wants to separate and become an independent state. Some analysts say that the level of wealth and well-being of residents of this sunshine state exceeds the quality of life in the whole country, and soon Californians will not want to have anything to do with their “poor” neighbors.

Probability: 8/10

4. New kind of human species (2050-2075)

Many Internet users write that it will happen in about 2050, when it will be possible to directly connect the brain to a computer and “recharge” it. These forecasts are not so fantastic, as mind-controlled devices are already invented. Moreover, the majority of Internet users believe that genetic engineers and programmers will create bio-robots that will be able to live if not forever, then for much longer than today’s human.

Probability: 9/10

5. Mind communications (2100)

By the end of the century, according to readers of BBC, it will be possible to send a message to a friend only by thought and it will be as easy as sending an SMS from your mobile phone.

Probability: 10/10

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  1. daniel55645 May 13, 2013 at 8:56 am - Reply

    CA might as well be it’s own. It’s laws are already way different and more strict that the rest of the US is.

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Top 5 events likely to occur within the next 100 years