What if the Moon was closer to the Earth?

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earth and moonSometimes it may seem that our natural satellite approaches us, but the truth is that it slowly gets away from our planet. Once the Moon was very close to the Earth, but it does not approach more because the gravitational interaction and the angular momentum between the two planets have resulted in the transfer of energy from the Earth to the Moon. So our satellite’s orbit constantly gets larger at a speed 38 mm per year.

This results in a constant increase of the distance between the two planets and in a slowdown of the Earth’s rotation. Consequently, the duration of the day increases by 15 millionths of a second each year.

Although it is impossible for the Moon to approach the Earth, if it happened, our satellite would

occupy more space in the sky, which would result in more frequent and longer-lasting solar eclipses.

Moreover, if the Moon was even closer and had even stronger gravitational pull, it would cause far more destructive and powerful tidal phenomena. The difference between low tide and high tide would be higher, and large tidal waves, depending on the distance of the Moon, would probably cause devastating floods.

Finally, if the Moon was closer to us, the gravitational pull would not only affect the waters of our planet, but it could also cause severe earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

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What if the Moon was closer to the Earth?