successful people skillsIf we note the behavior of many successful leaders in business, economics, politics, or personal development, you will find out that there are at least 10 key skills possessed by all these people.

1. Critical thinking

All successful leaders have a powerful skill of critical thinking. The ability to quickly assess and analyze the situation to identify the main possible problems that should be solved is the key to success in any business.

2. Creative thinking

Many leaders have different skills and talents that help them think “differently”. They have the ability to think “beyond the box” and explore the potential of new ideas that other people may find too risky, crazy or stupid.

3. Ability to listen

Great leaders are great listeners. Cleverly focusing their energy on tasks that involve listening, theyintently listen to everything the others say, which allows them to take the most accurate and informed decision.

4. Love of reading

The habit of reading is vitally necessary for professional and personal success. Leaders in any area tend to be avid readers and process huge amounts of information coming in from the reports, papers, documents, books, etc. Maybe not all leaders have mastered speed reading, but they always perfectly capture the main ideas of the context of materials they are reading.

5. Writing skills

Maybe they do not write often. Maybe they do not write much. But when they do, all that is written is concise, clear and to the point.

6. Communication skills

Perhaps this is one of the most important skills of successful people. The best leaders are good speakers. They can communicate their ideas to an audience of any kind and size. They can easily change their communication style so that it meets the needs of the audience.

7. Motivation

Qualified leaders are always excellent motivators. They know that each of us needs his own personal motivation. Such leaders apply the above skills to create powerful goals that will encourage other people.

8. Connections with people

Successful people surround themselves with other successful people. They always have many contacts, partners and friends in many areas, whom they can ask for help or discuss new ideas with. All leaders actively create and develop their connections during the whole life.

9. Delegation

The most successful leaders are those who do not try to take everything on themselves. These people realize that they cannot effectively deal with all the tasks and solve all the problems on their own. They are easy to delegate all except the most important and difficult tasks to their employees and assistants.

10. Constant self-education

This is probably the most important skill for evaluation of successful leaders. Self- education is the ability to quickly adapt to new technologies, styles and ways of thinking that lead to success. For managers and leaders this is a skill that is used not only for their personal development, but also for the success of their business.

Anna LeMind, B.A.

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    Successful people are normally single minded and positive they will achieve greatness. The old saying give a busy person something to do and it will get done. This means they can delegate and organise.

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    The top two, critical thinking and creative thinking are so important for success and living a fulfilling life. Wish this was taught in traditional schools more often.

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